Weird issue, possibly static related

So I’ve done quite a few PS3 TE dual mods using madcatz 360 fightpads. and a couple of them have issues with buttons going on autofire/turbo after what seems to be long sessions. It sounds like the opposite of the trigger issue on the Round 1 sticks where the RT and LT buttons would die, where in this case random buttons would start to activate turbo and by unplugging/plugging back in fixes the issue. I should note that I haven’t wired the fightpad’s turbo button to anything and there aren’t any loose wires or grounds or anything like that. Anyone else out there (Gummo, J&J, etc.) seen anything like this?

I’ve never seen this. :sad:

So this “Turbo” thing is happening on Xbox 360 side?

same… did you desolder the turbo button on the fightpad? all I can think of is placement of the pad and maybe something triggering the button while play… like vibration or random obstacles the button might be hitting… take it off to be sure that is not the case…

What do you use when you solder?

Do you use flux or something like that? And did not/forget to clean it?

If so, use rubbing alcohol (higher percentage the better) with toothbrush and brush the point(s) you soldered to clean it off. Then use tissue to clean off the alcohol…

No didn’t remove the button and on one of them I even glued over the button so it wouldn’t get pushed lol
I’ll try removing the button and insulating the pads

Yes, I’ve seen this.

I bet you can reproduce the issue when playing if you hammer on the buttons hard enough pretty consistently. I had the same problem until I realized the TURBO button was over-sensitive. If I hit the buttons hard enough it would move the rubber piece down just enough to activate the signal.

The reason it seems random is because that’s the button you’re holding when it briefly activates. I got around that by cutting the turbo trace since I don’t use it, try that out and re-test.

agreed… remove the button bro… takes away one less possible problem… hopefully thats the issue…