Weird issue with my new TE Fight Stick

Hey guy,

I just bought my madcatz TE stick for Xbox 360 a fews day ago. Its been work great, but something weird happened.

I was in training mode just playing, and my Y and RT button stopped working.
I shut off my 360 and when I turned it on, the stick wasnt connecting to the console. The green light just stayed on.

I then unplugged the usb cord and plugged it back in, and it started working just fine. All the butons.

Its like the stick crashed. lol - but Im just worried since it was soo hard for me to get my hands on one. Not to mention, the stick cost almost the same as my 360. lol

you probably have a bad pcb. If you have a microsoft wired controller, try switching the break away cable from that and plug it into the stick. That seems to help with the problem.

If you just bought it a few days ago then your warranty is still valid, why not contact Madcatz?

thanks guys. i’ll try switching the break away.
if it happens again, i can even return it. but then whats the point. i am at square 1. TE sticks are impossible to find where I am .

I’m pretty sure having it under warranty means you can have it replaced at no cost.

Well you wont totally be back at square one. Maybe Madcatz could send you a replacement part or even fix it for you. Or you could return it now and buy it online. There’s a sale going on at Fry’s for today only, you can pick up a TE for $99.

my SE does the same thing, you can usually just unplug it and plug it back in. that should fix it.

yeah that fixed it for me too imsabbath.

It just happened that one time. Its working fine now.
I do have 14 days to return it to eb. so i am just gonna test and play with it. if i have any issues. i’ll take it in to them.

it was only the trigger buttons on mine though, so i had just switched one of them with one of the black ones since i never use those. haven’t had a problem since.

i was having the same issue with my RT on my SE stick. So I switched it with the LT. I also switched the RB with the LB. It makes more sense to have RB and RT actually to the right of LB and LT.