Weird issue with my stick

Long story short, I bought madcatz te for Xbox, to play balzblue. In a week I realized it was hurting my hands after playing for several hours, so I took everything from inside the box and placed it inside my real arcade pro 3(hori). It worked out fine. The problem that I noticed a bit later is that 2 button just randomly stop working while I play. On hori they used to be O and R2. To get them to work, I have to disconnect and reconnect the stick again. Also, a much more rare event, my stick stops functioning completely, and the Xbox menu button starts blinking. Once again, reconnecting it fixes the problem.
Does anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix it? I don’t normally use those buttons since they aren’t needed in blazblue, but oh my, this can get annoying when I’m in the practice room.
Thanks in advance.

is any wiring exposed or loose?