Weird issue with my TE Stick


Been playing on my Marvel 2 TE Stick for nearly two years and everything has been pretty solid. However, just last week, my Triangle started acting odd. Sometimes the inputs would come out, sometimes it won’t at all. Whenever I give the button a hard press now, it hardly ever comes out at all. It’s not too hard, either–but it’s far from soft. I definitely don’t bang on my stick like a mad man. I’ve been pressing my buttons like that for the past two years, and while the other buttons are fine, this one doesn’t respond.

When it comes to the same button, whenever I press it softly (I wish I had the means to make a video to show the differences), it comes out 100% of the time! There’s literally no issue when I do that. The problem is I can’t play consistently if I have to maintain a soft touch for one button while playing on the others normally.

I know it sounds like a weird issue, but is there any advice on what the issue might be and how to approach this? I’ve never opened a TE Stick before, and I’m not sure I’m smart enough to actually try anything, but I might have no choice. Guess I just don’t want to make things worse. I thought about possibly getting a new Stick since it has been about two years, but the problem doesn’t seem significant enough to do that. Hopefully I can get some insight on what to do.


Don’t buy a new stick if the only thing wrong with it is a button. It’s most likely just a bad button and that you need to replace it. Anybody with half a brain, some common sense, basic tools, can replace a button. Righty tighty lefty loosey.


or just swap it out with a button you never use and save some money. I never use L2 (4K) on my sticks. If i have a bad button, replace it with that almost 100% of the time first


eltrouble: Yeah, I hear you. I don’t want to make something like this out to be tougher than it really is. I guess I’m worried because I’ve never done anything like this, so I just don’t want to accidently mess anything up. It does make more sense to replace the button than to buy a whole new stick.

mr. mortified: Ha, yeah, I never use R2 myself, and I barely use L2. What’s the best way to go about opening it up and doing this without being a total klutz and doing further damage? This is totally out of my comfort zone. I might have to go fetch certain tools in order to get the top screws off. I only have a few regular screwdrivers around.


Unless you play Mortal Kombat… I use every button on my fightstick.


If it makes you feel any better, ALL of us who have ever modified anything on a stick, started at absolutely training. At some point, we’ve all just had to grab some basic tools and just try it. You’ve got plenty of information made available to you through the forums and internet that gives you basic instruction on how to do it.

A button swap is pretty simple to do, even for the least mechanically-inclined person. As mentioned above, you have 2 extra buttons on your stick that you don’t use. Just swap out your bad button with the good one, and you’re good to go.


First open it and check to make sure it isn’t a loose connection, maybe one of the quick disconnects came loose, though unlikely. If I was you, I’d test one of the other buttons in your triangle spot. If you still have problems, then it isn’t a button issue. If the other button works, then the switch went bad on your triangle button. If that’s the case, then order a new button from FocusAttack or Video Games New York since they’re both on the east coast, you’d get them pretty fast.

Hopefully it isn’t a loose connection to the PCB. Then he’d be in a world of hurt, lol.


6 buttons da bess


Good point. Well the ideal solution would be to swap the buttons, and then test it. If the problem persists, then it’s an issue with the wiring or PCB. If the problem is fixed (and/or the problem follows the bad button), then you know it’s the button.

Bam. It’s a diagnosis and/or a repair all in one. My favorite kinds.


Thanks for the help, everyone. The idea of opening my TE seemed a bit…overwhelming at first, and still is to an extent, but I feel a lot better about doing it now. Going to find me a Hex Key when I go to the Hardware store and get right to it. I’ll keep you guys posted! Wish me luck!