Weird JLF problem

I have an HRAP EX that started having problems when pressing up-right the other week. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it other than that pressing up-right didn’t work most times I pressed it.

So I opened it up earlier today and was looking at the stick and all of the wires and everything are in tact, so I took the gate off and rotated it (still 8-way though) and the same thing started happening but with the right direction while up-right worked once again.

I noticed that when I would tap right once I would get a dash a lot of the time. So I figured out, by moving the stick slowly to the right, that the microswitch would activate and I would start moving right, then as it hits the gate it deactivates and activates once again as I move it back.

Maybe I am missing something obvious but this sounds like it’s a problem with the gate? I am going to open it up again in a little bit and check out the gate.

I had this problem recently too. Took almost a week to figure out it was a tiny crack in the solder joint connecting the microswitch to the pcb. I just heated up the joint and added a little fresh solder and its back to normal.

Nice fix.

I have this same problem. When I go to training mode to track my inputs I get double inputs sometimes for hitting down on my jlf. It was a brand new stick I had bought and I dropped it one day and have been having this problem. Sigh.