Weird Jump Glitch (?)

I searched for any mention of this and couldn’t find it. Don’t know if this is old or not, and I’m assuming it “works” for every character, but only tested so far with Makoto vs. Urien in parry training on PS2.

Anyway, I set Urien to do an Aegis as soon as the round began, and buffered the motion before the actual round started. I was holding up-forward with Makoto at the start and before the super freeze she entered into what was probably the first frame of her jump (where she kind of ducks down before she leaps) and was in that frame during the black screen. Well, during the black screen, I started holding up-back, and instead of jumping forward (the input before the black screen), she jumps backwards. It seems that if you’ve entered your jump frame before the black screen and were frozen there, but not yet actually jumped, you can change the direction - assuming the first frames or so of the jump before leaving the ground are the same forward and back.

Probably not useful but odd enough I thought I’d share.

I wouldnt know for sure, but you have a start-up fram for a jump, and if you aren’t off the ground perhaps it’s still possible to choose another side to jump to?

This is interesting. Although…I don’t know very many people go pull a super at the start of the round.

That’s actually pretty useful if it’s true for the arcade version.

This kind of thing doesn’t surprise me too much. In CvS2, there’s a default throw direction. In that game, input a back throw but return the stick to neutral while the throw is starting up; you’ll get a forward throw instead.

This is not a glitch, just another leniency in the controls put in by Capcom. The pre-jump in this game seems to be ver long actually. It’s very easy to press up in one direction, but then switch to another before the pre-jump ends, even without the assistance of a super freeze. Though it may vary among the characters.

You can press up-forward, and if you try to bring the stick to back immediately to charge or something, you character will jump backwards instead of forward.

Yeah, I’ve had this happen to me when I’m trying to do something else. :lol: For example, a few times when I’ve tried to jump forward with Oro and do an air chicken kick, I sometimes would press u/f, then end up hitting u/b on my way to b (I do it with a half circle o_O) and I’d end up jumping backwards and kicking. lolz.