Weird Ken Question

What are ken saying in Japanese? for all you japanese american out there, he says couple of things in japanese. Anybody knows what he says in japanese and what they mean please post, thanks

“Ore no deban da ze!” - It’s my turn!

“Kagatte kina!” - Come and fight!

“Yatta ze!” - Allright!

“Ore no katchi da na!” - I’m the winner!

Just a few off the top of my head from the CvS series.

You forgot.

“Heeyah!” = “Heeyah!”

Meeeeesta Spawkle.

Hey thanks for translating those, Azrael-sama. I’ve been curious about them. Man his SvC ones sound dope as fux.

Aznlovboy… ur from Garland, TX! oh man i grew up there during elementary school :frowning: memories…

What does Ken say in special moves

I wanna ask what else does Ken say in special moves? For example in whirlwind kick or his mega upper cut?
As a Turkish i always wondered what does he say?

shoryuken maybe in upper cut.
Hadouken maybe in firing his magical ball but i am not sure.

Shoryuken = Rising dragon fist