Weird levels of tolerance

We can all tolerate something up to a certain point where it gets to be too much. But sometimes, our personal definition of “too much” is way below or above the average person’s. For example, I hated Vamp and Fortune in Metal Gear Solid 2 because their abilities weren’t adequately explained. This, in a universe with Cyborg Ninjas, Psychics, and Spirit Mediums where the only explanation (before MGS4) is “they’ve been like that their whole life.” That’s a weird line in the sand I draw though.

I don’t have any examples for the other side of the spectrum, where I get pissed off very easily. Except maybe conspiracy theorists. I don’t think I have to explain that.

How about you? Were you able to put up with something in a TV show/movie/game far past the point where most people would have given up? On the flip side, is there something that makes you say “fuck that shit” instantly?

I guess I’ll be the first to mention aliens in Indiana Jones

shit I can ignore for the most part, is any comments made. I 100% believe in free speach, even the truly horrible parts. Doesn’t mean I advocate it’s everyday use, but nothing people say fazes me. Also extreme gore makes me lol

as for instant rages, I guess I would have to say women’s mindgames
Fuck that nonsense

the instant i see someone with green hair i put down whatever it is and walk away

fuckin broccoli heads

Frankenstein. I have NEVER finished that book. Fuck the doctor right up his necromancing ass.

Improper apostrophe usage drive’s me crazy.

Just typing that make’s me feel dirty.

And that.

The accidental pickle slice on a burger. The burger is instantly ruined for me, and I will either give it away or throw it right in the trash. Other “incorrect” condiments on the burger aren’t that bad… I’m ok with onions even though I never order that, and ketchup is ok with me too…though I will scrape some of that off. I despise mustard almost as much as pickles, but sometimes it’s still salvageable depending on how much of the mustard I can scrape away. Pickles destroy everything, because the pickle-juice and smell contaminates the entire food item. Perhaps if it was only on there for less than a second it might be fine, since there would only be superficial damage to the burger…but if it’s been on there for awhile, it’s all ruined.

There’s a similar situation going on with green peas. This is why I’ve never enjoyed “mixed vegetables” in childhood, and I still wouldn’t eat it today unless someone paid me to do so…the peas contaminate everything else with their nasty taste. Peas actually seem like some kind of toxin to me…it tastes like something a human being should not be eating… brussel sprouts are even worse. Brussel sprouts are actually the #1 most vile, disgusting food I’ve ever tried in life so far. It’s unbelievably bad.

I can tolerate the most horrible bathroom smells. I have to take a dump no matter the smell.

I cant stand people trying to act gangster whatsoever.

Totally off topic, what happened to your Dr. B musings, specs? Did he die or something?

On topic again, I agree with Sleazoid. But only for specific colors. For some reason, a girl could have a full head of crayola blue/red/orange/purple/white hair, and I won’t care. But break out a few streak tips of green or yellow and it’s… [media=youtube]x8tsm35qqrg"[/media].

I stopped. I’m a man who avoids responsibility and it was getting grating to always have to think something up.

I KNOW RIGHT? Pickles are notorious because even if you pick it out, the taste and smell linger. :tdown: Fucking gross.

I can pick out most other stuff, and even though I’m not a fan of mayo I’m content to either tolerate it or wipe off the excess and live with what my napkin can’t remove/absorb. But fucking pickles, I send that shit back – or just nerdrage at the nearest wall if I’m already at home.

“hey what’s up guys this is MarkMan on the mic-”