Weird Link properties

I was looking at the frame data:

Now, Yun/Yang can link their c. short kicks together, but the startup is 5 frames and the hit bonus is +2. How can this be?

That’s not a link, that’s a chain so frame advantage doesn’t apply. Most characters can chain their LP/LK into each other.

To be honest using Yun for so damn long, I still can’t connect Cr. Lk x2 into Lp Zesshou consistently, I didn’t bother to read any of the frames either. But it’s hard as hell for me to time, and once I screw up on the lunge, it’s over.


Why is the combo so hard? I’ve even seen KO miss it.

I always thought it was a link since the timing is so hard. But there is such a thing as chains where specific hit frames must be cancelled. Alex’s c.LK, c.MK chain is an example. You can’t just mash out the c.MK for that one. The brothers’ chain probably follows similar conditions.

Yun’s c.LK -> c.LK is a rapid-fire chain.
Alex’s c.LK -> c.MK is a target chain.

There’s a slight difference in timing between rapid-fire chains and target chains.

you think those chains are hard? try chaining with guy in alpha 3, that shit is intense lol. but yeah that combo is hard kinda, i find yang x2 xx ex mantis relatively consistant.

I was watching youtube vids of twelve and I saw his c. short kicks link together. I checked the frame data to see if they chain, and the frame data says they do not?

How can this be?


I saw short short super in that vid.


About middle of video, you see the short kicks combo, he doesn’t combo into super, but the potential is there…

I thought it was just me!

FUCK guy is hard to chain!