Weird lk tatsu cross up on block

edit: okay I went in the lab with it, put bison on crouch/all block and you have to be like as close to the character as possible when you do lk tatsu and she will go behind them.

walking toward them until you’re pushing them back and then lk tatsu causes them to have to block in front of them and then sakura lands right behind them.

don’t know if this is already a widespread thing that everyone knows but if not I figure I’d share the love.

edit 2: confirmed to work on Ryu and Dictator. does NOT work on Zangief so it is CHARACTER SPECIFIC. Not testing anyone else right now because I’ve got other stuff to do.

On Cody you can do forward throw, hold up forward, and tatsu as soon as you land, you’ll cross up

nice, I’m thinking of working this into my corner game, basically in the same way I use it on Bison in this match, do a deep jumping roundhouse into lk tatsu which makes him block and get crossed up and then do > c.lp > xx hp shou or something.

that happened to me when i was playing my friend, my friend was using makoto and i knocked him down when he got up i did lk.tatsu and it cross him up

Not corner specific. When you’re close to certain characters and do tatsu, you’ll go over. Bison, Cody, Dudley, Yun and Juri are the characters it works on at the top of my head. (The Cody thing fergus mentioned also works on Dudley and Yun). Might also work on Yang, never bothered to test it though.

A way to set it up is to do shouken > fadc > lk tatsu. You’ll get the cross up if they’re not mashing short and stuff.

Also, it does not hit as a cross up, you just get on the other side.

Ah that works on Yun as well, brilliant! :stuck_out_tongue:

I found also the possibility to do a roundhouse tatzu on a few chars like oni, akuma and cody that wil hit and land on the other side of the char on crouch with the possibilty to combo of it. still finding out the specific settup and usefullness.