Weird Low Jump Combo

I did a combo that doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe it will to you guys. I usually do a low jump RH - 623 FP, however, this time I accidentally managed to do a low jump RH - FP - 623 FP and it all comboed. This of course is much safer, more damaging, and simply better. However, from my experiences getting even a short or a jab to combo after a low jump is practically impossible, if even possible, as I have never been able to achieve a similar result.

I also did this with Sagat ( I think ) once before, the same combination. EXPLAIN!

if you landed your low jump as counter hit, you would have gotten more frames to link the next move.

Most people hit roundhouse right after taking off for the small jump. However, if you wait and do it deep, you can combo fairly easily.

The combo he explained is short jump rh, s. hp xx fierce uppercut. Not fireball.

BTW, it’s not safer at all. Since you won’t be cancelling the fierce on reaction, missing the link will leave you open to combo of your opponents choice. It simply gives more damage and meter. It also requires a deep ass small jump(NOT SAFE!!!). I fucking dragon punch small jump roundhouse all day, do a deep one and you’re really asking for it.

Your first idea is safer, small jump, if it hits, uppercut.

BTW, I’ll only dp your small jump if I know you’re going to small jump soon. If you play wisely(ie, don’t abuse it), you should be able to do small jumps safely. Do it from as far as possible while still being able to hit. That way a counter hit dp would be a bitch to time properly.

Ah, thanks forgot counter-hits added frames and a super deep low jump sounds good 2. I think I’ll stick to low jump rh - 623+fp tho.