Weird move inputs?


Although I never really got to heavy into fighting games back when I first started and just casually played. I started to get more heavy into it back when 3rd Strike was at the peak of popularity.

Now, I do not seem to know what I am doing wrong but maybe someone can offer me some advice.

I cannot for the life of me seem to link many weak punches or kicks into a special move.

Now let me explain first (and ill use ryu) that when I’m crouching I can link in two medium punches like no ones business followed into a hadouken or hurricane kick.

Same even applies for his crouching weak kick, c. wp, c. hp into a special move.

Now for just linking weaks into a special move I cannot do it for the life of me.

What I can do is link one weak kick or weak punch into a special. But if I try to do two or more no special move ever comes out.

I’ve even looked at my move input and its the exact same thing like as if I was doing two c. mp into a hadouken.

Does anyone else have this exact same problem?


The game is extra strict about using multiple jabs/shorts in a combo.

You know how you can cancel or link Jabs and Shorts into themselves for most characters, right?

If you want to cancel a Jab/Short into a special, you must link into that Jab/Short from the previous Jab/Short. If you press it too quickly, you will get a cancel, and the special will refuse to come out.

You’re better off doing Jab, Jab, Strong, Special most of the time. There’s no chance of accidentally canceling into the Strong and you get extra damage, though the link is slightly harder to do (and you put yourself at more frame disadvantage if you fail to hit-confirm it and it’s blocked).

Rose and Zangief are the only characters that come to mind (there are probably others I’m forgetting) that are really impeded by this, since they can’t do Jab Jab Strong.


Basically you can’t special cancel from a move that was chain-cancelled.