Weird MVC2 Naomi Arcade problem(damage!)

Ok one of the MVC2 machines at my local arcade needed a new screen a while back, the repair guys took it away, and a few weeks later its back with a working monitor.

It now has another weird problem: all the characters now take Insane damage! To give you an idea, one of roll’s supers can do 1/3rd life on sentinel!

Now i’m thinking that one of the dimwitted repair guys while testing the controls, accidentally messed with a menu setting somewhere that resulted in crazy damage. I had one of the guys who happened to be around, open the cab & access a menu where stuff like input testing is normally done. We looked around but could not find anything that deals with such in-game settings like difficulty & damage level.

Is there another menu we’re not seeing? Any input would be appreciated so we can tell the repair guys what to do next time they’re around.

~TG, boycotting that particular machine till its fixed

I’m too stunned to help you.

Go to TEST mode

Fix Damage. That should be that.

not to familir with the naomi cabs but it should be in the menu along with game difficulty and music on/off stuff like that.

Damn so it was hiding in test mode.

We didn’t think to look there, i thought “test mode” was just the basic inputs test(when fixing the controls, to check button/stick responses).

true grave is this at golf land in milpitas?

No, not there.