Weird occasional stick hanging problem (with video!). Who knows?


Hey everyone. Thanks for checking this out if you do.

What I’m trying to show in the video is that often, when I let go of the stick, my character keeps walking forward a while longer. But not always. Is this expected behavior from Madcatz sticks? It doesn’t seem to me as though the stick is faulty, but rather that it does this depending on how I release the stick. When I release it quickly, it snaps back to the center properly. But when I release it somewhat more softly, it seems to hang like this. I just want to know if this is normal and something everyone learns to deal with, in which case my biggest beef with it is that it’s not 100%. I bought this stick second hand but it didn’t have many other signs of wear and to my knowledge has never been opened. Can I open it and tighten the stick or something?


Its partially how you handle the stick

If it get worst you could replace the spring which is how you tighten the stick.
If you want your stick tighter get a stiffer spring, indicated with a weight messurement.
for most people a 2lbs spring is tight enough, you can get up to a 9lbs spring but those come with its own issues.


Make sure the selector is set to DP first.
That’s what I look for first.



The selector is on LS. I have no idea what it does. I only know that for some games, it needs to be on a certain setting to work. I’ll try DP.


The LS-DP-RS switch is what your joystick is set to. LS is Left Analog, DP is D-pad and RS is right analog.
LS often has a bit of lag in some fighting games, you best to stick to DP unless a game really does not want to use the D-pad


LS to DP fixed it. Learned something new here today. Thanks again.


This used to be a common problem when the first TE round 1 sticks came out. It was pretty common knowledge to always set it to DP after a while.

Alot of new sticks dont have the switch to change the modes now.


Its still recommend to stick to DP


Never knew. I did have a Madcatz TE, though. Guess this one went completely past me. I mean, I’ve always known that certain games demanded one of the 3 settings specifically, and I just figured that the switch was there to make the stick compatible with those games…
But I never had it be a problem for me in SF. Or, hell, who knows, maybe for years my execution has suffered because of it. (fat chance I can blame it on that though)
I’m an online warrior so lag is usually my first thought when inputs go wrong/missing.


Yes on mostly older sticks there some slight input lag with the LS setting as the stick tries to convert digital input to analog input. There also with a few games an issue handling LS instead of DP.
Setting the stick to DP bypasses the issue.

But on the PC some games and emulators doesn’t like getting DP input .

Hence why we have the switch to change what the joystick is set as.