Weird Occurance Trying to Reversal A-Groove


so a few days ago i was playing k-sagat vs. a-sak.

my friend i believe jumps in with a :mk: (sak), and i JD.

he proceeds to activate, me knowing this i buffer a DP.

now heres the weird part. right after the custom flash i’m mashing on :hp:, and of course he’s mashing on whatever buttons too, i admit i think i pressed :hp: a little too late.

well when the flash finishes i get a reversal message, WHILE IM BLOCKING sak’s :hp:. WTF happened?


maybe like you reversal dp’d but then for whatever reason the superflash let you prox-cancel or whatever you want to call it, into blocking?

I don’t really know thats pretty crazy.


maybe it’s related to the counterattack denial thing that Maj came up with?



I’ve had a very similar thing happen to me last year at the arcades.

I was A blanka and the other guy was A iori. He did far s.jab - activate - jab dp XX N for the guard crush custom. After I blocked far s.jab I did reversal RC ball. I got the reversal message after the CC flash (although I pressed roll before the flash) but I got reversal block.

Campbell knows about this as well. He says the game gives you reversal message for getting a reversal out but will give you a block if performed during their time freeze after the flash. He also said that the game gives you standing block animation that can block low, but I have yet to see this “high block that also blocks low” in action so I want some more clearity on the property of the reversal blocks also.


yeah its a weird little bug, basically involving you trying to do a reversal move in a situation where you’re still stuck in the “time stop” after a super freeze

  1. go to training mode and pick blanka vs a-sakura (or whoever)

  2. set the dummy to record

  3. have sak do a CC right next to blanka, and time the low short so that it would be unblockable if blanka wasnt already blocking low

  4. set the dummy to play

  5. block low before sak tries to CC

  6. sak activates CC while you’re blocking

  7. mash on hop back

you’ll see the reversal message, but blanka will still just be blocking. he’ll also be blocking high for that first low short, but still be able to block it


that reminds me of something that happened a while back watching my friend play. he was P-Cammy vs. C-Blanka (i think )but it happened a couple times that day where he had no life left and he tryed to wake up parry so he won’t get chipped by rc elec, he tryed to wake up parry but died in a standing block animation, does that some how fall in the same category?


Uhh maybe they just blocked?


I’ve done this quite a few times but don’t really know how it’s done. All i remember is saying to myself “wtf!?” then continue playing.