Weird option select


Ok, this is something I’ve been doing for a few weeks unconsciously now, and had pointed it out to a bunch of the players I play but I don’t think anyone has pointed this out.

Due to the blockstun in this game, I try to pushblock and occasionally I miss the timing and get a backdash due to the shortcut command for dash (4+ABC) but one thing that stood out to me is that I would randomly get throw if the opponent is close enough, and if they try to hit me with a short-ranged normal/special then I get a backdash getting me to safety.

So basically you either pushblock, back dash, or back throw if the opponent is close enough due to the throw taking priority over the dash. :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried this with the shortcut command button yet for you pad players, but someone should try it out!


This can work against you because backdahes are vulnerable to attacks. I know of times where I meant to pushblock an attack but I pressed it too soon like I was trying to parry or something and I backdashed and my opponent’s string punished it. If used properly, though, it could have lots of potential.


I find it’s pretty useful with Karas, since he has the invincible dash.

Otherwise, it’s a fluke a bunch of the time for the dash, but it’s good to know regardless.


Karas’s dash is only invincible for a few frames during the middle of the animation. It’s still vulnerable at the very start of his backdash and towards the end of it too. But karas is full of tricky stuff involving dash throughs and backdashes.


i saw the thread title and immediately knew you were going to be talking about this. this was in the first game too, but its not very strong (pause a bit during your string, let them backdash, ???, profit). and yeah, it works with the ABC macro.


Yeah this isn’t an option select really. Unless you’re deep enough to get the throw (usually not the case), accidentally missing a pushblock gets you punished, like it probably should.