Weird Printer Problem

I’m at my parents’ place trying to fix their printer. The problem is I can’t print anything unless I unplug and re-plug the USB cable. The job will just sit in the queue otherwise. Anyone know how I can fix this? All I did so far was reinstall the drivers.

My parents’ printer is a Lexmark X1110 all-in-one.

What version of Windows is it?

Try rebooting the PC.

I would check the lexmark site if that dosen’t help, though.

Sometime drivers remain resident even after you uninstall them. You might want to look for a way to completely uninstall the drivers, reboot and then install them again.

And post things like this in the Computer Help thread. Makes it much easier to be seen by us resident techies and it keeps SRK more clean. :tup:

There’s the problem. Those ink-printers are terrible.

Get a non-shitty printer.

Pc load letter!!!1!