Weird problem : buttons randomly stop responding correctly

I have a HRAP 2 modded with a mad catz 360 pad pcb ([2].jpg) and all sanwa controls. It works well but since I’ve had it, buttons will randomly stop responding correctly. It usually affects one button at a time : while playing, I would notice that it sometimes don’t register an input, then it gets worse as time goes by. The only way I’ve found to make it respond well again is to exchange the the wires on the button (if ground was on the left button “leg”, then I put it on the right one). That makes no sense but it actually works.

However, this is annoying to have to do that regularly (the problem comes up approximately every 2 months or so). The buttons are not old at all, and when that problem isn’t happening the arcade stick is working flawlessly.

Anybody had that problem ? Could this be due to a faulty pcb ?

Pics of the internals/PCB please.

Same response as D3v’s

Could be a lose wire or connection but its all speculation till we see some photos.

Also if your Camera has a Macro setting, please use it.

Here is the pic :

The soldering job is not super clean, but I guess it’s good enough, otherwise why would the stick be in perfectly working order 95% of the time ?

Just now I had my hp button badly responding. I went to training mode and counted : out of 10 buttons presses I only got 4 inputs recorded. Made the switch between the ground and the other leg (which took 5 seconds thanks to quick disconnect pins), and did not touch anything else. After the switch I tested again and got 10 out of 10.

maybe its a weird madcatz ground issue. Hori had a problem on its Fighting Stick 3/EX/wii. try soldering the ground to another ground

Thanks I will try that. If the problem persists I’m considering getting a new 360 pcb. What are some cheap and reliable pcbs for modding ? I looked into the faqs but couldn’t find this important topic addressed.