Weird problem with my SSF4 game

Copy and pasted from Saikyo Dojo:

All of a sudden, any button I set to a kick is automatically disabled. At first I thought it was my L2 and R2 buttons dying. Then X and circle dies too. Then I rearrange the buttons (LK to square, MK to triangle etc.) then I realized any button set to a kick just stops being read.

What the hell did I do to cause this? :wtf:

yeah we need more info to help. Stick, pad? Brand? Make? Model etc? I figured you are on PS3.

I’m on a PS3 and I use an official dualshock 3 pad. I have a slim PS3 if that helps.

Well this fucking sucks, I can’t play street fighter anymore because I can’t use kick attacks. This seriously sucks. I don’t know if I need a new controller though but I don’t want to waste my money either.

Figured it out, my L2 (3 kicks) was stuck and basically the game was reading it as it being held down disabling me from kicking, throwing, focusing or taunting. I had to disable 3 kicks. Now I have to play the halfway normal way, rofl.

you’re welcome