Weird problem with my stick


I don’t know why but m stick will work perfectly fine at an angle, but as soon as it’s on a flat surface it won’t work at all. Has anyone else had this issue and how did they fix it? Cheers!


what kinda stick? any pictures?

from what you described, i think its best to consult a physician…


Define ‘not working’. Do you mean the stick doesn’t respond to the home button, stick inputs, and button inputs? Or do you mean you just suck at using a stick while on a flat surface?


ah sorry, it’s a custom made stick. and when its lying on a flat surface it won’t recognize any inputs and the play station says that an unknown usb device has been plugged in, but when you put it at a 45 degree angle it will work fine. it must be one of the connections going into the board but I just can’t seem to fix it


Id have to say seems like an issue with the wiring, is my first guess is everything soldered correctly?


It could also be that something’s loose, and it’s specifically putting pressure on the bottom of it is causing a disconnection or shorting. Open up the case and give us pics, we may be able to help diagnose (or it might even just be apparent upon examination as to what’s happening).


ahh cheers for all the help it’s all fixed up now, the only problem was the usb cable going from the stick to the console, bought a new one and it’s working fine again!


I once bought a used ps1 controller from a custom and had the same problem . some connectors of the cord’s plug were covered in a weird greasy stuff .


That dialectric grease is usually there to help prevent corrosion, and provides a better contact for the connector.


There aren’t any grease on pins fitted in Playstation cord’s plug. Also the plug itself was covered in that thing, probably the result of a careless user . I tested with a screwdriver tester, the grease was clearly getting in the way .