Weird problem with trying to choose my main, someone help?

I’ve got this strange problem when it comes to choosing my main character, it seems like the characters that i actually get wins with, i hate playing. I.E i have an almost 5k Ryu, however, he bores the crap out of me. Sagat is my 2nd best character, but he bores me as well. However i have alot of fun playing with dudley, but i get my butt kicked, and i honestly hate losing :confused: Can someone help me over come this problem ?

Pick Dudley and master him.
Always go with the character you have the most fun with. Well that’s my opinion. ^.^

Neclord has the right idea, which character do you enjoy play as the most? There is your answer.

play everyone (39 characters) this will help but remember to have fun

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The ? Option is your friend. :wink:

Oh man, i have the exact same problem…
My Main is Bison since SF4 and right now, he bores the crap out of me and i feel like lacking tons of options that other characters have… like an overhead attack that is not telegraphed hours ago.

I really enjoy Yun and Makoto, yet i dont seem to be able to win with them consistently …
Everytime someone overwhelms me I want to kick their ass and switch to Bison because i dont like losing.

Even though I know switching to Bison to beat them wont improve me at all, i always tend to do it.

I think Neclord is right… just sticking to one of them all the time should do the job

Play the character you have the most fun with

I say give the entire roster a chance and then choose the character upon the play style you’re more accustomed too.

Thank you all for this information, i have decided to go with Akuma, as he is more fun for me to play rather than Dudley.

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no worries