Weird Saturn game issue


I have some games that simply will not load certain songs on a consistent basis. It’ll start for half a second then just stop. Is the solution as simple as cleaning the disc? If so how could I best go about that? (I’ve really only ever done spit shine).

The discs looks fine, not perfect but what disc does these days? It’s just annoying playing in silence.


Sounds like a lazer issue to me.


clean your CDs/ laser


What’s the safest way to do that?


egg yolks and baking soda


or go buy a can of air

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Can of air on the laser in the Saturn?


Yea, can air would be fine.


Clean the lens, adjust the potometer, replace the laser/get a new Saturn. If you are using CDR burn at a lower speed.


I only use original discs.

Alright so I’m gonna go find out what a potometer is, adjust that then get my canned air.


I think Kyle meant potentiometer. it is a adjustable resistor. They are the older analog volume knobs in radios and TV sets, they are in light dimmers, there 2 of them in analog joysticks, they are in analog triggers.

This is a potometer


I was wondering why it seemed so odd. By the way, where’s the potentiometer on the Saturn?


There are two, and are on the laser housing. One is for power (intensity) the other is for focus.

BE CAREFUL when adjusting them. Tiny turn, test, if needed, another tiny turn. If you just crank on them, you’ll burn out your laser in no time.

Actually, I highly suggest you get your Google-Fu in before you even take a screwdriver to your Saturn. There are lots of resources out there showing you how to adjust the Saturn’s laser.



Do your RESEARCH FIRST, make tiny changes at a time. Try Compressed Air cans before you head to the pots (short for potentiometer)


Ok, air first adjustments later. Anything I should do to the discs?


Clean them if needed and keep then clean and scratch free


My question is how do I go about cleaning them? I’ve only ever done a spitshine.


Dish soap and lukewarm water. Just use your hands to wash them, no scrubbers or anything. Turn the water on, squirt a tiny bit of soap on the disc surface, then smear it around with your fingers. Wash off.

Then let them completely dry before putting them back in your Saturn.