Weird scaling issue with darkhole assist



So I was trying to figure this out in training mode by myself but after an hour or so I couldn’t figure it out so I’ll see if anyone else is curious about this. I don’t know if this has been discovered before but I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning it.

So what I’ve found is that there is a weird scaling issue with the darkhole assist. If this is isolated only with spiderman or with multiple characters/assist is unknown to me. I’m having trouble just finding any way to pull it off consistently.

Generally what I noticed is sometime when I do the same combo with spiderman the MS at the end will randomly do slightly unscaled damage. While it won’t be completely unscaled for example if a normal combo with a fully scaled MS does 690k the unscaled version will do 790k. If you need the specifics for the combo I noticed it really doesn’t matter. I’ve gotten this to go off under various different confirms or starters so I don’t think that matters in the slightest. The only thing I think that matters is the ending where I combo spidersting into darkhole. I’ve kept the ending simple since I was testing this so I was only doing H Spidersting -> s.H -> H.Spidersting ->darkhole -> MS The only factors I’ve been able to sort of isolate is that it occurs at maximum damage scaling and before the super flash dark hole usually hits twice.

If one of you guys can figure this out that would be swell.


There’s also another weird glitch when you use another multi-hit assist with MS. Although I wasn’t able to take note of the damage, when I tried to do a combo ending with zip OTG + unibeam to MS, the last hit turned to a soft knockdown. I think Bees had this instance also recorded in one of his vids.


Yeah MS has weird properties at times I think I had the soft knockdown recorded in one of my earlier videos also. I’ve never noticed the scaling thing as I usually use web throw after dark hole but MAYBE if you hit maximum spider during the initial hits of multihitting assist MS becomes unscaled? I think it’s at least something to look at considering super flash activations already cause things like the dead character switch and a few other things. Who knows?

I blame it on Airborne… shrug


Can I get a full combo transcript? This is extremely important and can certainly ween me off of Missiles assist. In the short notation you provided I’m not sure what you mean. Are you doing spiderstings into spider bite? I see no mention of spider bite in your post so I’m like how did you get this to work?


He shortened it

I blame Airborne… :lol:o_O shrug


Hmmm usually hits twice. I’m gonna see if I can find anything solid on this. This could really boost spideys damage game significantly if figured out.


Like I said before the combo doesn’t really matter since I did the unscaled glitch off of multiple confirms.the only thing you have to do is get the combo to max damage scaling and combo into dark hole assist. The simplest way is just to slam dunk the guy into dark hole assist doing spider stings/bites (yes I forgot to mention spider bite).


I chuckled for that slam dunk into darkhole. Spiderbite does look like a posterizer xD


So I’ve been in the lab with this and I can’t see what you’re talking about. Could you post a video or something because I can’t get in consistent either. If we can find a way to get this this is a huge step.


I found something very, very interesting regarding this. Will post video soon.


Looking forward to this!!!



This should go live around 11AM tomorrow.




Shouldn’t be any more.


Where is Xero?!?!


Anyone tried this with any other characters?


Try this as just-frame with an assist hitting the same frame that an animation hyper does. It probably does the same thing. So welcome back DHC glitch! even though you’re a bitch to do consistently.


you sure this isn’t training mode specific like the assist capture state glitch? The last time someone found a glitch like this, the game just didn’t register the transition from an assist hitting, and it was deemed training mode specific.


I was able to get it a total of one time with Doom’s Plasma Beam assist. Ended a long combo with a spidersting-bite, spidersting-bite, Doom assist, web zip OTG, super and it worked. DHC’d into Devil Trigger and was able to actually perform a somewhat damaging combo before dropping it.

Still trying to get it to work with Jam Session. So far I haven’t been able to do it again. The timing is stupid strict… hell, I don’t even know if there IS any timing because I’ve only been able to do it once out of the 30 or so times I’ve tried.


I’ll see if I get it in a versus match locally, but I do recall a few instances of the hitstun behaving this way online when I played Spidey/Frank. Might be a bit foggy on that, but this is definitely worth checking out / hopefully debunking.