Weird scaling issue with darkhole assist



Hey Renhoff did you try web throwing into the corner, calling plasma beam, s.:h: xx :l: spider-sting~bite xx Maximum Spider? I haven’t tested it out yet, but I what I hope is that you can hit them into the plasma beam with the spider-bite and cancel into MS quicker than if you were to OTG web zip xx MS. If I am understanding the glitch correctly, I think doing it that way could have a possibility to work also.


That, in and of itself, proves that hitstun is reset, then. Normally, you can’t even combo into Prop Shredder after Cold Shower with Dante because they flip out.


Okay so I been trying to hit this and don’t think i a nailing it right. now the timing is very strict but you have to do the animation and as the assist hits at the same time? care for a bit of advice on how to land this? I using Hawkeye for my assist otg gray arrows.


Visiting from the Nemesis forums. Not sure if this is in the same vein, but on occasion, when I’m comboing with Nemesis, especially from Hidden Missiles or Dark Hole, I’ve actually gotten the combo counter to scale backwards and reset damage. Like, a 4 hit combo, then missiles hits, then another two or three hits from the combo, then randomly the counter resets and some damage unscales… Not sure on hitstun since I’m often surprised by it. Perhaps this could be in the same vein as the glitch that was discovered here? Before I just assumed it was part of the combo counter glitch in training mode, but now this seems more accurate to what I’ve seen before.


I’ve had the same thing Colonel Gil said, happen to me before while using Frank’s Shopping Cart assist. I’ll be doing a combo after confirming from Cart, but as soon as the assist ends the counter resets but I’m still doing my combo perfectly fine (it happens in local matches a lot, and I tried it in Training mode with All Guard after starting the combo and it’ll still happen). I’m just wondering if it could be related to the hit counter, and if it actually unscales the combo when that happens.

Also, another question I had is, is this Spider-Man exclusive, or would this be able to happen with another super? In my case, I’m specifically wondering if you can trigger this DHC Glitch with Shopping Cart assist -> Bionic Maneuvers.


does anybody know how many hits you have to reach in order to get to maximum damage scaling? im trying to get this working for my team of spidey/frank/dante and havent been able to pull it off yet. i get to around 35 hits before the super using both assists atm.


I don’t know if the hitstun is reset completely yet. If I can do the glitch again I’ll test an actual Dante combo out instead of freezing up and resorting to a launch-scat shot, because I managed the glitch.

If I call Doom assist and I spider-bite the opponent into the beam, the opponent will only his the beam’s top hitbox for 1 hit before bouncing out. I’ll keep checking for an easier way though… I just have a problem with that cause it’s a lot easier to Spider-bite someone into Jam Session, but I can never get it to work…


oh alright. What if you call plasma beam then heavy web swing and then do Maximum Spider? Sorry, I’m just getting some ideas to try to find a somewhat consistent way to get the same results. I’ll try to test some of this shit tomorrow myself.


The hit stun scaling might be a bit too severe to use a heavy web swing, but I’ve been doing the glitch with a 15% success rate using Chun Li’s Lightning Legs.

Whatever normal combo that reaches max damage scaling you do, followed by an S in the air to knock them down to the ground. Call Chun Li and web zip to OTG followed by Maximum Spider.

And yes, I can confirm that I was able to Devil Trigger after the stun scaling reset and combo the opponent into Prop Shredder without them getting out. Last combo I did was Million Carats, Volcano-Beehive (I didn’t use groundbounce yet), backdash, launch, chargeshot, stingerlvl2, BC, teleport, hammer, volcano-beehive, super.

Please note that the hit stun scaling was reset considerably, but the damage scaling was still extremely harsh.


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buffer Doom with spider sting. If I remember right you’ll throw them into all of it before they hit the ground


I hear that


If it helps, I’ve noticed that being close to the corner, and in the air, when activating MS seems to help with the consistency. Something about the super flash activating almost immediately and bypassing the roll up to the wall seems to give it a greater chance of success.

Could just be my imagination, but that’s what I’ve noticed for what it’s worth.


Has anyone tested this on VS mode or is this another training mode only glitch?


It should work in vs mode considering the first time I noticed this when I did it by accident in a live match.


Thanks. Will be labbing it then.


Based on what I’ve tested. This glitch turns out to be the same as the one where you get a soft knockdown after the last hit of MS. You have to DHC to make it safe otherwise your MS will get punished on hit. It is a true DHC glitch since the damage and hit stun are both reset. Still trying to understand how to make it come out consistently. I think it’s more of a 1-frame (not sure) hit thing where you get MS and the assist to hit at around the same time.


If that’s the case I have to check an old video I posted when the game first came out. I never noticed if the damage was unscaled or not

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The damage you get is unscaled but the glitch seems to start during the first hit of MS. If you DHC after the MS, you carry the hit stun reset where it’s the same amount of HSD when you do raw MS to any combo (DHCs, FoFs, XF cancel) but you also carry the 15 hits which means extensions are scaled already. You probably can get more damage out of it if you cancel early but the glitch isn’t easy to confirm unless you see the damage counter or you’re a human calculator.

I think it’s possible to get consistent with it even if it’s a one frame thing. Most of Spidey’s combos have enough wall carry and max HSD, making it relatively easy to get used to.


This is good to hear. Excited to see what we can do with this, maybe a consistent way to do it with quick reflexes/certain assists?