Weird SF combos found in SF AE!

Hi I found really weird combos in the PS2 version of street fighter aniversary edition, maybe I don’t know these but I like some one confirm its not a bug.

I can do down mp + hp 2 hit combo for chunli on any version of the street fighter character even in world worrior mode, at any speed. also ryu I can do down mp + down mp. 2 hit etc.

I though those are only combos for ssd2t character how come it can work for world worrior characters? was this possible even in the original world worrior aracde game?

Why didnt you post this in my HSF2AE thread???

Also they are not necessarily weird…some of those you speak work in Super Turbo and old school Street Fighter and is practically in all of them…

Ever heard of the CPS Chain???

This is stuff that has been in since day I.

Hell those aren’t even CPS chains, just common links. Just about everything links off shoto cr. strong, been there since day 1.

do you know what is weird having two sonice booms combo one after the other it had to me once playing super street fighter 2 turbo

You’ve got to be kidding me. There is a search function you know.


Wow I can’t believe it, I have been play street fighter for many year and I never seen anyone do these combos in the arcade, I though those are new since xmen childern of the atom.

So is there an FAQ for those chain combos?

They’re not chain combos, they’re links.

Go download some SF2 combo videos. They might have some at, I’m not too sure.

Any of the SF2’s before SSF2 didn’t have a combo counter… maybe that’s why you thought those moves didn’t combo.

How come you’re scrubtacular?