Weird SF2 Cabinet I came across


I was at this asian bikini bar in Garden Grove, CA (Sugars, iirc) and I saw this in the corner. The cab said “MORTAL 4 KOMBAT” at the top but it was SF2.
I popped a quarter in (which it ate on the left side) and then popped it in on the other side and it let me play as player 1.

Anyway, when I started playing I noticed that all the special moves were weird. SRK would go across the screen, hit multiple times, depending on punch.
Hadouken was same way, one went straight at sonic boom speed in SF4 so you could walk with it. One went up, and one went down. Tatsu was weird too.

What did I play?


rainbow edition


Rainbow edition or Blackbelt edition (two different hack versions)


Is this that place next to Alex Arcade? Apparently there are a lot of bikini bars in that area.

And yeah, you played a hacked SF2. Most likely either Rainbow or Koryu edition.


Thread of interest lol !


Yea sort of near it. Yes there are. It was Blackbelt hack I think.

Actually maybe not, It looks sort of similar but different. You couldnt air hadouken, and the different punches would throw hadoukens at different angles.