Weird SF3:3rd Strike OE Video Problem


I’m on a 120GB PS3 slim and I’m having a very very weird problem with the video on the game now. This didn’t use to happen at all until recently too. I even redownloaded the game and it still happens. It’s the ONLY game on my ps3 that does this so far too. Basically it’s a lot of “static” covering the screen now. In various colors. A bit like that static picture on old tube tv’s.

I do know my ps3 would at random times make this “popping” noise. But it was doing this way before the video problem here. I’m assuming the ps3 or something on the ps3 is about to die here? I can get pictures of this if need be as well.


It’s one of those cool effects that Derek Neal thought of to make your game look like a mistreated arcade CRT


Stop using analog component shit and move to hdmi.


I am using hdmi on a 42" 1080p 60hz Vizio. Had it for 3 years now.


The most likely the problem is with some connector, or something odd like the portion where 3SOE is on your HD is corrupted or something.


Popping noise sounds like hard drive about to go kerplunk. On screen visuals all over the place could be more from Iron Galaxy’s lamentable implementation of GGPO, and inability to really optimise this game for modern, hi-res tvs or monitors, as virtually any setting combination you try never seems to make it look anything like how it does on windy or candy cabs :tdown: