Weird SFxT Fightstick pro PS3 Issue: control stick all of a sudden not working


About a year ago, I bought an SFxT Fightstick pro (The Old version) to play fighting games with, after a few months of non use, I wanted to play some SFIV with it and all of a sudden the Control stick wasn’t working, I disregarded it and didn’t try it again for another few months. Now a few days ago I tried to play skullgirls with it on the PC and the stick still wasn’t working, I opened it up (Since it wasn’t covered by warranty anymore) and looked inside to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and nothing looked wrong inside the stick, All I did was make sure everything was plugged in properly and now I’m wondering what to do. Do I buy a new Control stick and put it in my self (I am good with technology so I know how to properly handle these things)? Do I sell it and buy a new one (If so tell me what price you would put it at and what Fightstick: Preferably with Sanwa Parts, should I buy. Just so you know I’m from the UK so no US prices)? Or is there something I’m not checking which I should?
TL;DR: My fightstick control stick broke, I looked inside nothing was wrong, should I buy a new control stick for it, Sell it and buy a new one or is there something I’m not checking?


What the joystick switch set to? LS, DP or RS?


OH MY GOD?! I am an idiot, I’ve never used the setting on it before and never would’ve, Thank you Darksakul, I am pretty stupid


Don’t beat your self up. Its a really common mistake alot of people overlook.
Just set your stick to LS or DP (preferably DP for consoles)