Weird shit with ironguy

anybody notice like after they snap and kill your assists and ironman is left, that you run out of bombs?

like i try tapping the buttons for it but nothing comes out? wtf like he ran out of ammo

only happens when they both kill my assists by snapout.

:u: damn, the stipulation for that sucks. can’t say i’ve been in that situation b4 tho : /

that’s quite odd

its true man i swear it. happened to me more than it should. imma go ask gene this weekend to confirm, cause i just recently start messing around with him.

You also lose SB’s if you throw them, and (somehow) get IM to land before they do.

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P.S. Yeah, that seems hella weird. But does this happen 100% of the time? 'Cuz my teams gets its ass kicked a lot :sweat::razz::wtf: (as in, both assists getting killed via double-snap), and I’m near positive I’ve been able to throw SB’s w/ stand alone IM.

Is it when BOth assists get snap-killed at the same time?? Haha, like THC style? Im confused. :][

Thats a glitch that should only occur when a character gets to snap IM before the smart bombs hit the ground or if you some how dhc or tag out before they hit the ground. Can you give me a scenario in which that has happened to you?

The only way to regain Smart bombs is to tag out or dhc back out to another character. Its happened to me once where i got snapped and i no longer had smart bombs and IM was my last character so i was royally screwed.

YES OMG somebody knows what im talking about.

that shit is retarded josh, man i was like WTF is WRONG WITH MY STICK?!! then it happened again and im like ok the games broken.

gotta love them mahvel glitches, tron assist is my fav for the lulz

why cant IM have any good glitches =(

lol thats funny, news to me.

just sj and smart bomb asap, land, tag, then tag back in. no smart bombs… dun dun dun!!

^ holy shit lol it does work… er make them not work haha
when i first started reading i was thinking IM would the the smart bomb movement and no smart bombs would come out

He got the assist glitch.

^ whats that?

if iron man gets snapped out to the 2nd assist character, you counter back in while there is a red X through his name and he is invisible ONLY if you don’t touch any buttons or the stick. You just leave the game.

He is one of 9 that can’t be touched either, but he can be force moved by the second opponent and the glitch ends, and that wasn’t the one I was talking about.

I meant the knee -> dash + assist.

So super jump on your opponent, they call commando/cyc/psy etc. You block.
Then try again.

Then next time you know they will call, on your way down do knee then dash and call Sent RP assist. Your opponent just called assist and you just crossed him up and he and the assist take a RP to the back of their heads. Get both of them in infinite into PC into HSF into corner rape. You just killed two characters and now you have gb advantage on the incoming character.

o shit
the more u know

if it happens with IM against the corner you cant do anything about it except press the other persons buttons

Nah, had IM in corner before and crossed him up with Magz and ended it.

Try it.