Weird shit with Ironman (cont.)?

I was showing my friend Superior Tech the fly screen glitch where you snap in Assist 2 then have the snapped in character counter with Assist 2 while the red X is on em…

Well, apparently if the snapped in character is IM and you do the counter and don’t press anything after, you can’t hit him while he is invisible unless you jump over him or if he attacks. If he’s in the corner, you can’t do anything about it. Can’t jump over, no throw, no super, nothing. The glitch bounces you in the corner in most cases anyway. I tried this with a few characters, but IM is the only one (so far) that I couldn’t hit out of being invisible.

Sorry if this is old…if so, does anyone know if this works on anyone else?

i wasnt aware of that, im gonna look out for that situation and put it to good use haha

LOL, sup Not Wigfall. Yo, this shit works with WM too.

this situation would be funny if my IM is about to die after a snapout, i WILL MAKE THIS SHIT PRACTICAL

Anyone figure if this works with anyone else besides IM and WM?

Oddly enough, I witnessed this happening with Doom ONE TIME!! Doubt that it’s consistent though…

Iron Man
Omega Red
War Machine
Wolverine (regular)

Yeah that’s unbelievably old. I think i found out about it when it was on warorgamic or wargamic or some site that had all character infinites and glitches. You can get to the characters with Mag/Storm by dashing into the corner and hitting them with HP & you can tag Sentinel into the screen and he’ll go over them.

It’s real old, before I quit Marvel and SRK.

It was before Mike Z even did any Team Z videos, and thanks for backing me up on being able to get them out of corner (from other thread).