Weird sj property after landing S?


is it just me, or is there something retarded with umvc3? after launching another character with S, and you were holding uf to sj after, but let go right away, you are actually doing a neutral sj instead…

has this always been there? maybe it’s the lag but i am getting this WAY too much while playing online, and have verified via input in training mode that it does this intentionally. doing S with uf followup for a short amount of time will lead to neutral.

makes me want to throw the god damn stick through the tv. wtf is the point of doing that?


They made a random new option for it. Just turn it off in “options”. Dunno why it defaults to “on”.


I fucking hate this feature. Not only it’s on by default, it’s also so bloody sensitive that unless your button pressing is spot on you’re doing a auto super jump.

Thankfully it can be turned off - never to be turned on again.


i’m not talking about the ‘hold S and it auto-follows’ feature. that’s already turned off.

the problem is that if you tap UF after landing S, you actually neutral jump instead of forward jump. effectively ruining combos/followups/spacing.

maybe nobody else is noticing this?


Nah, that’s just an execution error. Since stand S’s aren’t walk-cancelable, you can just slide the stick from forward to up to get your forward superjump at no consequence.


LB is right. Tap UF for one frame, than just hold U, and you’ll get a vertical jump rather than a diagonal one.

But it’s not just SJ after launcher, it’s a directional tap thing in general. This also happens with airdashes: if you press, for example, DF+AA to triangle jump down-forward, but only hold DF for one frame before going to either D or F, you’ll airdash down or forward instead of diagonally. Tap DF+AA for only one frame then go back to neutral, and you’ll just get a forward airdash.

It’s the kind of thing that’s super hard to notice, but it’s there.


Please don’t tell LB he’s right, ever. He just gets impossible to deal with.


just a small correction: you don’t have to hold U for it to neutral jump. you can initiate SJ frames and let go of UF to go neutral, you will neutral SJ.

it happens to me during just normal SJ too but it was easier to replicate with the S so had that as an example.

this god damn thing is pissing me off because i’m so used to going to neutral for various reasons (koreans sure love tekken)… it really seems like it’s not affecting too many people, but at least someone verified that this is true. :frowning:


It’s actually pretty helpful for chun players. She can keep her charge on EX SBK while she’s in the air.


Hm, this could actually be a big help to me. I’ve been trying to fix the Wesker/Spencer diagonal assist in the corner problem, which I need to neutral jump for, but I’m just so used to jumping forward that I can never seem to break the habit very well. Tapping UF might be a lot easier for me to do than trying to actually neutral jump after a launch.