Weird stick input issue (wiring or switches?)

So I bought a Qanba Q4RAF a couple of years ago and, until recently, had no problems with it. I was playing a friend in some game and noticed I was getting double jumps a lot when I intended to jump and delay an airdash or something like that. After the Nth time, I got tired of it and told him to hold on for a sec and went into training mode with input display on. Sure enough, if I held the stick between up and a direction in a specific spot (a spot you’d pass over if you were jumping up back or up forward), it would spam up for some reason.

So basically, the problem is when I hold the stick in a spot between left or right and up, I get very strange inputs. If you’re familiar with numpad notation, it looks like 4747474747 or 6969696969 in training mode. Any idea what could be causing this? Is it likely a microswitch issue or a wiring issue? Is there a way to tell? I have a spare Seimitsu LS-32 that I could replace the JLF with if need be, but if it’s a wiring issue, I imagine it will be more annoying to fix. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

Try the ls-32 to see whether or not it’s an issue with your lever’s microswitches.

I’d say the microswitch on the up on joystick is worn out/sticking, but if you’re getting the repeated presses for both left and right as well, it may be something else. You might want to check the JLF wiring harness to make sure it’s nicely plugged in to both the PCB and the JLF. Perhaps unplug, and plug back in and retest. Someone else might have a specific idea to test, but you might have to end up buying a new assembly for the JLF.
If you do, mark the directions that are working properly and keep the old assembly. This way if you have an individual switch go out in the future you can just unsolder a good one from the old assembly and put it on the new one. Good to have backups for these purposes.

Alrighty, I re-seated both ends of the wiring harness and it is still happening. I guess I should have mentioned that I do have to wiggle the stick just the tiniest amount to get it to repeat the inputs, but even so, it’s enough to cause problems in game. Realized in the OP I made it sound like if I just held it in one spot, it repeated the inputs. It seems like the microswitch for Up is having some kind of issue. I’ll replace the JLF with the LS-32 and report back. The assembly for the JLF is only like $13 on Focus-Attack, I think, so hopefully that’s the issue.

I forgot to mention that I figured out that a short in the cord was the culprit and bought a new one, which promptly fixed my issue.