Weird stick mod question.. making the stick taller

I’ve been looking into various sticks to mod with Happ parts, and it seems like the only prominent/semi-affordable one is the SFAC stick. However, lots of cheaper joysticks exist. They’re just too short, height-wise, to fit Happ parts.

Can anyone suggest a way of making the joystick housing taller? I was thinking along the lines of creating a plastic piece that would go between the top and bottom pieces of the unit. If that could be done, a whole buttload of sticks would become available for me to modify.

Any ideas???

akhem, the shorter ones are meant for japanese style sticks and it’d be kinda counter intuitive to mount an american style stick inside of them. Obviously, you aren’t going to be able to make it any taller without serious cosmetic adjustments.

Of course they’re meant for shorter sticks!

But my idea of adding plastic pieces (or one large rectangular piece or whatever), can’t it be done?

It could, but honestly it would probably be easier just to build one from scratch. What you are talking about would require a hell of a lot of work.

you could get a thick wooden panel to the shape of the stick base and then route it so that it fits whatever stick you want on it. i wanted to do this sometime ago, but i don’t have a router and i don’t use US parts anyway.

Oh, I should apologize, I was repyling to this topic while talking on the phone so only read about half of what you said, or at least that was how much I absorbed. I agree with nightwalker, it can be done but it’s more work than it’s worth. If you feel competent of doing something like that, you should just build a custom :).