Weird, stupid theory



Weird, stupid RC theory

I was thinking of the double tap RC (D+Roll+Fierce, DF, F+Roll+Fierce, yeah, it works) and I was curious…Since that in essence doubles the input, wouldn’t doing like Fierce, Strong, (Roll+Fierce)x2 work?


I was expecting something completely different from the title… and i only just found out about the double tap thing, even though i’ve been RCing for a while …

It sounds like it might work. I definately will want to try this tonight, im not sure if it will be easier than the way Ive been “doing” (50% accuracy :D) them now though (lp, mp, fp, lp+lk, fp)


Weird, stupid RC theory

Yes, it does work, double tapping RC electricity i find easier then the “traditional” way…
The way i do it is…

Jab, Strong, Fierce, (roll+strong+fierce)x2 = RC electricity…

When u do the first (roll+strong+fierce), the game registers it as a roll, the second time, it registers the fierce. thats the way u can tell if its RC’ed the fierce elec. will always come out when RC’ed correctly. If the jab or strong elec. come out , it’s not RC’ed.


How come you do the Strong? If you just did roll+Fierce, wouldn’t you have the same effect?


Its nothing in particular, its just the way i position my hand. My fingers are kinda strange i can’t bend one without the other finger moving also. But the strong has no effect. Like i said in my first post…
If the fierce electricity comes out , then its RC’ed, if any other electricity comes out, then it’s not Rc’ed. Thats how i know if i’m doing it right.