Weird things happening with buttons

Basically the past few days my stick has been acting weird.

I won’t even be touching it and it inputs for triple kick.

Best part about it. I play 6-button so I have to hit all three buttons for a triple to even come out.
I just had it randomly laid out on my bed and it started inputting triple kick a good three times in a row. and it happens mid-game aswell.

Any idea what could be up here?

You don’t have a button stuck do you? Like if you shake your stick does it input the triple kick?

I just figured eit out facepalm Opened it up. I still have the wires connected for the L buttons (Which are assigned as KKK and PPP) , I took them out, shook it around and played with it and it no longer does it.

That weirded me out a tonne :rofl: