Weird things/holes in Chun's offense

I was playing against the hardest level computer in DC cuz I’m really good, and I was playing against Iori with my S-groove Chun Li, right, and when I did one of my lvl1 supers (flashing bar), he grabbed me in the instant before I flashed my panties. I guess this tip is mainly for the insane japanese who could actually try this on reaction…haha…

Any other weird stories?

dude, only a comp can do that, unlesse you were very close, but if you were at a good range, then its impossible to throw you out of chun’s super scince you have to push forward punch and that would break your oppon.'s defence and make your opponent get hit, thats wahts magic abou t a comp, it every thing it does is like a special in A groove, all cancelable into another

Well, its level one. She has some lag time before the kicks come out, so its not surprising to throw her out of it. Unless I misunderstood.

Here’s a clip for you.

i’ve had iori lp dp me out of her level 3. i almost had a heart attack.

It’s very easy to dp chun’s super on reaction, also Dan through me out of a lvl 1 kick super, but I did the super from max distance. I also through Raiden out of his grab super with Kyo, I was so shocked when this happened, and no I wasn’t in the air, I went to throw him, the super flash came out, but I threw him, I guess the game glitched or something.

When talking to other men on a video game website, please don’t say the word “panties” when refering to a video game character again… ever.

Besides, the word “underpants” is 25% funnier anyway.

hes right