Weird Useless Shit with Cable Just Discovered in Training Mode

Launch, NORMAL jump, j.lp, grenade all connects…huh…

yea I’m bored.

I believe I saw somebody do this in a match: ^ sj.lp grenade sj.hp

Got shot into drones, AHVB

I’m not sure if drones were called with or but that’s roughly how it went.

The drones thing is also the unblockable setup. Do it and shoot 4 Hps instead of doing an AHVB. I can’t get it to work reliably so I still don’t know if it’s random or just really hard to time it right.

The first one is pretty interesting. You may be able to do it and tag in for an huge non bar combo (not sure if there´s enough time) or maybe do it and then j. lp mp hp (maybe now there’s a bar for the AHVB). I gotta test it, but I think this may be useful in some situations. Good work.

That is the right combo, but u hav to call drones RIGHT AFTER the for it to work

You are talking about a super jump though. I’m saying a NORMAL jump.

launch, small delay (as to not sj), normal jump, j.lp, grenade. It connects on some people. I know commando at least.

You can also get an extra attack after doing an AHVB just before you land. Normally, you would be vulnerable to an attack on the way down. You still can’t block or anything but you can sneak an attack in before you land.

I get it about 50% of the time. The way to do it is still unconfirmed but the way I do it is after doing an AHVB (preferably high off the ground in SJ status) on the way down hold up just before you land and mash a button like jab or short. Fierce and Roundhouse, all you will see is the animation start up but it will not fully come out all the way. You can also do the TK AHVB as well and apply the same methods but you will be able to see the attack come out and time it better if you do the AHVB higher in the air.

More boredom uselessness for you Cable players. Did you know that he has a useless float that can only be done in the corner?

What you do is corner the opponent and then SJ above them and just throw countless grenades (as many as you can) and then watch how slow he comes down. As soon as the grenade goes off the screen, just start throwing another one. Pretty useless since all the player has to do is go to the another side of him and then it stops, however, it’s pretty cool to do as a match ender when you win with him. Just dash the opponent to the corner and just start floating.