Weird, weird, *weird* problem with Adon

So I can do the following moves with the normal motion on my joypad just fine:
Rising Jaguar (facing right)
Jaguar Kick (facing left)
Rising Jaguar (facing left)

however, I cannot do Jaguar Kicks when Adon is facing to the right. This is insane to me given that the motion for Rising Jaguar facing left and Jaguar Kick facing right is identical!! The only way I seem to be able to bust it out is by using the shortcut motion (DB,D,DB) but this seems really, really bizarre. I’ve looked into input recording and my inputs seem to be okay as well but the move does not come out no matter what I do. If it weren’t for the fact that I can do Rising Jaguar on the reverse side I’d figure my own inputs are bad but that never seems to be a problem.

Am I the only one this is happening to? It’s a bit frustrating being handicapped! :slight_smile: I’m always starting matches trying to get to the other side…

Cant say i have ever had this problem either your joypad is broken or your simply not timing your kick right.

All i can suggest is you go intot training mode and keep at it untill you can get it consistently.


Maybe the input timing between the two is different? Oddly enough, I had the same thing happen last night. I NEVER have issues with SRK moves, not for 20 years now but last night for 3 rounds in a single match not a single JK with Adon facing to the right. Fucking bizarre.

strangely enough i have this issue when facing the left and doing the kicks which is insanely odd. I use a round 2 fightpad if that helps but also my pad has an issue with 1 (use numpad to figure out direction :wink: ) and its a pain in the ass when facing right and you try and block a low attack only to find it hits :wink:

So is the timing for the Jaguar Kick different than the Rising Jaguar? Because as noted in my post, I can do Rising Jaguar to the left all the time, which is supposed to be an identical motion, isn’t it?

If you can do RJ and JK on the same side then you’ve already proved you can do both on the opposite side.

Go to practice mode with the inputs turned on and fix the problem. It’s not a weird problem, there is nothing wrong with your pad. You’re not doing the move correctly.

For future reference, there is now an FAQ’s thread for these types of things :tup:

But go into training mode and put on the input data. Try the move out and look at the input to see which directional is missing. Then deliberately exaggerate the move WITH the missing input until your muscle memory adjusts.

Lol, you guys are going to think I’m insane but I actually did try this out prior to posting, it is why I asked.

The following sequence of inputs does not produce jaguar k for me:

kick button

and then a different one of
downleft + kick

also does not. That is with inputs displayed man! And it’s not like I’m waiting ten years before kick. :slight_smile:

am I just mistaken about what the motion is supposed to be?

I’ll try to take a pic of it later, honestly guys I figure the error is mine but I don’t know if there’s simply less leniency on this move? I’ll go back and practice again, but can someone confirm that it is that sequence of inputs?

I do think you’re insane

I those are slight short cuts are they not ? I do :

QCB, kick

or I tap the diagonal twice depending on if the button is messing up or not.
in this instance downback, downback + kick.

Some should call capcom NOW!!!

I had the same problem of getting Jaguar Kick to work too but then I noticed you have to input the motion faster than other dragon punch motion moves.

Do you cant say i have ever noticed that.

thats odd.

anyways, have any of you noticed that ground JK shorcut does not work exactly the same as RJ?

with RJ shorcut, you can keep the stick in the df position for a while, and then go for d, df again.

on the other side, with grounded JK shorcut, you CAN NOT keep the stick, you have to perform the db, d, db stick movement within the same sequence.

I am having the same problems with Jaguar Kick not being nearly as easy as Rising Jaguar. Didn’t notice being on the right or left was an issue, its just harder to get out then something like Rising Jaguar. It seems you can’t move backwards and transition right into it like you would with other Dragon Punch like moves.(might not be entirely right about this but it feels like it)

I thought I was just screwing up so I switched to Fei Long and repeatedly did Shienkyaku(flaming dragon kick move) and had no issues.

Its rather annoying as I sometimes accidentally do jaguar tooth to compensate for the awkwardness of Jaguar Kick. Been using PS3 pad without rumble.