Weird Wiring - Does this exist?

Say I had 4 wires that connected to 4 different switches and a ground wire - is there something I can use to plug and unplug the wires in the middle? Like a jack of some sort that’ll keep the 5 signals separate that I can plug and unplug quickly, often, and easily?



====[ … ]==== (ignore the dots)


If the equals were all the wires and the brackets was the jack thing?

Is there any kind of connector like this?

barrier strip terminal

Do the 2 sides unplug from each other after the wires are screwed in?

That’s perfect if it does that. Otherwise it’s not quite right. It has to be literally a thing you can plug and unplug to switch one side of the 4 wires with another set of 4 wires without tools. Super fast. Idiot proof.

I suppose I could use 5 color coded RCA Male to Female connectors. Would that work right with one of them being the ground wire?

I apologize for being a bit vague. I have an idea for something that has never been done before, and I don’t want to give it away - but I don’t have wiring experience and it seems like I’m going to have to do this myself.

Oh no, the 2 sides do not detach.

RCA jacks would work, but if you are trying to keep a disconnected for groups of wires, a DB-9 would work up to 9 separate wires.
DB-9 is the same connector as used in many older serial ports.

I think that’s the business.

Thanks so much!

Gimme a couple weeks and I’m gonna shock y’all.

Cool, I like to see what you come up with

Hmm… what you have described sounds very much like what I was thinking for my top secret project. Although some sort of switch might work better for me. A way I can switch between which set of wires I want to have connected.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Yeah, you could go with DB9. Pretty easy to find them laying around too, if you have a lot of old scrap PC parts and stuff lol. Alternately, you could just go to RadioShack (or any electronics store, really) and grab some random Molex connectors like these:

All of them are very common, easy to find… and pretty easy to work with too, whether you go D-Sub or whatever else.