Weirdest urinal ever?

Wtf, Japan? =(

What the hell :confused:

I think it was designed on the idea that a "CLOWN?!" would help a kid pee because it’s supposed to be cute.

i don’t like how it moves up and down, i dont want to have to consciously think about making sure my stream doesn’t splash on my pants

Japan never fail to amaze me with the weird shit.

LoL. What the hell…

soo wrong. they colored it, cast it in the mold, hooked up the hydrolics and electrical equipment, and made this trippy idea real. has to be some kind of joke, no way theyd be that off to be serious about it

i laughed, i cried. i pissed

Japan…anything can happen.

yea but does anyone else think this is a new low? id say tied with the “octopussy” video

I don’t know what’s worse the clown urinal, or a guy filming a child using it…

Link for comparison research?

:rofl: Just playin’.