Weirdness on a dual-modded stick (MC Cthulhu + 4716 + Imp V2)

So I recently wired up my stick to be dual-modded with an MC Cthulhu (upgraded the chip from a regular Cthulhu) + Mad Catz 4716 pad (no trigger inversions necessary), through an Imp V2.

Most of the time (I’d say upwards of 97% of the total playtime on it), everything works fine. All directions and buttons.

However, the following things have happened:

  1. Playing SSF4 on PS3: in mid-battle, the game suddenly paused from my stick. Unpaused, and the game continued. Only happened once.

  2. Playing CvS2 (GC version) on Wii: in mid-battle, the Jab (Y-button) suddenly went on autofire. My character could still move, and I could occasionally get another attack in (if I could time it to activate between jabs). Unplugged and replugged the stick, and everything went back to normal. Once happened once.

  3. Playing SF3O on Xbox360: accidentally pressed Back+Start together during a loading screen, and the Xbox menu came up. Canceled out of it with the actual Xbox button, pressed Back+Start together again and got the Xbox menu again. Canceled out of it, and by now, it had finished loading. Pressing Back+Start together no longer did anything. I know for sure that function on the PCBs is not enabled. Only saw this once, but didn’t have a opportunity to try to repro.

  4. On Xbox360 in general: the controller suddenly disconnects. I’ve only seen this starting last night, when Xbox Live was down (for a while) and the new Dashboard update starting going out. Unplugging and re-plugging the controller reconnects it. This has happened about 4 times now (twice while watching a movie, once while playing SSF4AE, once while on the new Dashboard). Does not seem to reproduce itself on a consistent basis.

So far, most of these issues haven’t come up more than once for me to be really that concerned yet (other than the last one, with the Xbox disconnecting it), but has anyone else experienced any of these before?

I’m assuming you’re using an RJ45 jack, but do you have a dedicated USB cable as well? If so, where is that cable from?

Yep, RJ-45 jack, going through a Switchcraft connector. No additional USB-only cable.

Where’s the cable from? How long is it?

The RJ-45-to-GameCube cable is about 6-7 foot, and was from some unbranded GameCube extension cables that I bought on eBay.
The RJ-45-to-USB cable was just the 6-7 foot desoldered Mad Catz 4716 USB wire with an RJ-45 plug crimped on.
I have, however, occasionally connected an RJ-45 extension cable (about another 6 feet) between the Switchcraft and the cable-connected-to-system. Issues #1 and twice of the #4 above was without any extension, the rest were with. Sadly, my couch is JUST far enough from my consoles that the regular 6-7 foot cable is JUST barely not long enough for me to sit and play comfortably.