Weirdo habit with stick

So Ive been better and better since switching to a stick about 4 months ago. Ive been getting better and better but one problem keeps haunting me. I feel very comfortable on the 2P side. Its so bad that when I go into training mode and im practicing Boxers Headbutt > Ultra on the 1P side before I know I go back to the 2P side without even thinking about it! I often drop links and combos as well on the 1P side then I revert to the 2P side.

On the 2P side of things my hand feels very comfortable but when I switch over to the 1P side my hands start to ache and become sore. WTF! This is even worse when I switch to a character like Ryu or Makoto because of the inputs for special moves.

Is this apart of the learning curve? Sometimes I miss my pad…sometimes :slight_smile: But im swearing to my stick (hell I bought 3 of them) I guess what im asking is has anyone run into this problem or similar problems that you overcame?

Well for me, I’ve only had my stick at least a month and I know what you’re talking about since I had the same problem. Usually once you get to the 1P side, you need to adjust your grip slightly to make you play correctly on that side and make it comfortable. I can’t say this will DEFINETLY work for you, but that’s what worked for me. Other option is maybe to try another grip? Even though it could be hard since it’s been 4 months.

Your problem is pretty common, and goes away with time. Practice, practice, practice.

And make sure you’re holding your stick in a way that’s comfortable to you, rather than in a way some website said you “should.”


also, i had the same problem on a pad, but worse.

Definitely one of the harder parts of learning stick is being able to execute equally well on both sides. I’ve been on stick for a pretty good while now and its something I remember having trouble with as well. Obmute and del1rium have offered some nice advice as well. Slightly adjusting your grip or trying out a different style could be just what you need.

do some wrist/hand warmups before playing.

make sure you can hit all 8 corners clockwise and counter-clockwise. do it without using your arm or your wrist. you should be able to hit all with just fingertips. your wrist should only roll , don’t use it to force anything. do this for about 15 seconds.

but mainly you just need to practice more.

just practice until you’re proficient from both sides. Once you’ve got it down, you won’t even think about pad.

My habit is after each round i will unconsciously spin the dust washer with my left middle finger. I don’t know how this started.

Thanks for all the advice and yes practice practice practice does work, I just have to remind myself. Im going to go try some new grips and get over my habits.

Don’t worry about new grips. Just hold it how it is comfortable to you. Most of the guides out on the web explaining various stick grips are totally retarded.

Also, read the execution sticky.

Man, I had the same problem and still struggle, training room, I do the same, go to 2P side, but like the guy said, just practice, practice, one of the ways that I was able to make it easy is try to do the motions a bit differently then what you would do on the 2P side, for example: Super or Ultra Fireball, it’s natural for me on the 2P to do them in quarter circle motion, but when I’m on 1P side, I just beeline it from Down to Forward, but on the screen the inputs would read Down, Down-Forward, Forward and for me it works. I don’t see any rules that I can’t alter my motion differently on my left side then my right side. Just find what works for you and PRACTICE, I’m going on 3 months with Joystick, converted from a Pad, gotta say, for me it’s the best decision I’ve made, I won’t go back to pad for fighting games.

I’ve had a fightstick for about three months now, and I had the same problem when I first started. I couldn’t do Super or Ultra Combos from the 1P side, but could nail them every single time from the 2P side. Even now I still miss them sometimes from the 1P side but it’s better than before. I’d say I can about 8 out of 10 from the 1P side, but there’s still room for improvement.

I agree that it’s all about how you hold the stick and what works for YOU. I watched videos online of how I “should” hold it, but in the end I found my own way which feels comfortable and I can play Ranked and Endless matches for a few hours without my hand getting tired. So, just find what feels comfortable and practice, practice, practice.

my friend will always do 720s/slide his hand across all of the buttons after a round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like everyone says keep practicing and get a feel for the stick that is comfortable for you. I’ve been on stick for about a month and I already feel a big difference in stick versus pad. It has a lot benefits going for it as well as disadvantages but so does pad. Its all about repetition and muscle memory. Hide your pad under the couch and forget abut it lol.

A good way I try to counter this is by doing do a combo 2x more on 1p side. For example if I do Balrog headbutt -> ultra 10x on 2p side, I’ll do it 20x on 1p side. It generally tends to even out then :slight_smile:

You’ve been playing for 4 months… most people here (beside the new kids obviously) have been playing for at least 4 years.

You see the difference? This is one of those time will solve thing.

Like drunkenness, relationship heartaches… wait where I am going with this? Whoops I forgot this isn’t GD… oh well :coffee: (Back to GD I go)

yea man just keep practicing and hell if you really want to work on your execution trying practicing on super turbo. ST had very tight inputs and will help a lot more then sf4.

it something i am doing right now by playing hdr and st to improve my execution, so i can play gen and ibuki better.

absolutely correct. I agree, play hdr to get better with execution. SF4 makes you sloppy