Welcome all Toronto KOF players

If this type of thread has already been created on this topic then please move it, otherwise this is a thread for all Torontonians/Canadians who will be playing KOF XII come this Tuesday.

I’d like to get an idea of who’s out there so that I can add you guys/girls to my list to ensure the best online gameplay, and close competition.

As some of you Torontonians know, T10 is coming soon but I’m hoping next year at T11 that they’ll have KOF at the tourney.

Anyway, on topic, here’s my PSN name and location:

Location: Toronto, ON
How long have you been playing FG’s for?: Since 92’
What fighting games have you played: Tekken series, Fighters destiny (N64), Bloody Roar (N64), Virtua Fighter series, AOF, Fatal Fury, Final Fight, SF series, KOF series.



I’ll add you

PSN: JSiky
Location: Toronto (North York), ON

What fighting games have you played: ST, VS, MvC2, CvS2, 3S, GG, BB and random doujin games.

PSN: MrPfloyd
Location: Mississauga, ON
How long have you been playing FG’s for?: Since 1995 (i’m a young in)
What fighting games have you played: Bloody Roar series on PS, MVC2, CVS2,SF series (3s for life!), KOF 95,98,99,2001, Smash bros (lol), Killer instinct got me started actually, Mortal Kombat Series, Shaq-Fu, Clayfighters, and a bunch of DBZ games.

Yo nagata, i wanna play you in sf4 again sometime, my guile has gotten a lot better :D.

PSN: t3h_mAsTarOth
Location: Toronto, ON
When did you start mashing on FG’s?: 1993 sf2 …i was 8 …lol
What fighting games have you played:
King Of Fighters 94, 95, 96 first kof i saw in the arcades and fell in love, 97 favorite kof to date, 98, 99, 00, 01 second favorite kof, 02, 03, XI…
Last Blade 1 & 2… looking for a dreamcast to play this again
Soul Calibur 1, 2, 3, 4…
Fatal Fury RB2, Samurai Showdown 4, Ninja Masters, Waku Waku 7, Double Dragon, Breakers, Kizuna Encounter, Street Fighter 2, 4, Tekken 3, 5…

If there’s an offline SNK casual session going on in the GTA (preferably on weekends since I have a hectic work schedule), I would be interested in joining since I don’t have a PS3 right now and can’t play online.

Here’s the other nitty gritty details about me:

From Brampton, Ontario
Started mashing in FG’s in 1992 with SNES SFII.
Games played…
KOF series: 94 Rebout, 95, 96, 97, 98, 98UM, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2002UM, 2003, XI, Neowave
Other SNK games: SvC Chaos, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Garou MOTW

I can also play some Capcom stuff but my preference is with KOF… 2D, not that Maximum Impact stuff. I like the Dream Matches the best since for the most part, they seem the most balanced of all the entries.

PSN: Phyziks

Location: Eastern GTA

Sup Rob.

lol Sup dude.

If I may add in some more games that i’ve played… MVC1, MVC2, Mortal Kombat series, Clayfighter, KI, KI gold, Rumble Fish 1/2.

I’ll do my best to add all of you to my list.

Better late than ever, but I’ll be getting my copy tonight.

Tonight? is there some sort of midnight release going on somewhere?

I just picked my copy up from the North York VGP, so more like a 4PM secret release ;D but I got work til 9 so I won’t be playing until around 10 when I get home and finish updating. I know my friend is getting his copy from EBs at 6, anybody else got their copy yet?

nope lol… The gamestop that i pre-ordered from hasn’t given me a call which means it hasn’t come in for them, or they’re really following the release date of the 28th…

I don’t mind waiting one more day, it’s not going to kill me… But Jsiky, I added you to my friends list.

I could die on my way home so 1 day matters to me ;D I’ll add you when I get home Fatal and hopefully we can get some good matches going online.

fuck… i just called eb games and they don’t have it till tuesday… i’m jealous of xiii…

Here’s a secret, they do have it, but a lot of the EBs won’t break “Street Date” fyi. My friend just got denied his copy and he’s majorly pissed. Manager showed him the game and told him to come back and get it tomorrow at 9am.

Yea, I used to work at eb games… They’re extremely stingy with that, but there are legal issues that come along with it so I can see why.

Nobody’s gotten it yet?

i did, playing at a buddies house all day :smiley:

Just got the game… downloading the update now… Not going to review though, screw that st shit… lol