Welcome all Toronto KOF players


People play KOF in Toronto!?!?!?!?
Add me for some casuals, still learning though.


Of course, you notice how we’re the only one with a specific thread on this board? I’ll add you guys when I get home from work, got 2 weeks to rock KOF, hopefully we have some sort of miracle connection.


Yo Rob (FatalDmg), its Dre here. i didn’t know you made a thread. im like all of you here, im just learning how to play this game here. so here are my stats:

PSN: Knockoutooo
Location: Toronto, ON
Been playing fighting games since: '92-'93
What fighting games have you played: All of the Street Fighters, All of the Tekkens, Soul Caliber, DOA, MvC1+2, and some Rival Schools.

I look forward to play all of you


If there’s anyone running a KOF XII PS3 casual, hit me up. I want to come down and see how the game plays with a Sony pad rather than with the 360 sticks.

Good games in 2002UM to Kevin and Vu at the Brettcave. I suck for not taping some matches but I was under the impression that chronic would be using the tripod to tape some XII. Gah, if only my tripod wasn’t busted…


Holden (TSF)
From Mississauga, Ontario
When did you start mashing on FG’s?: Tekken 4
Favorite KOF games: KOF98UM, KOF02UM, KOFXI, (Maybe KOFXII)
Just starting to learn how to play KOF lol

how do you guys think about KOFXII?


brett told me casuals were off… hmm.


I had some offline casuals with me and my 2 friends today and they rather hated KOFXII compared to the old KOFs. Just kept telling me how this was an incomplete package. It was hard for me to keep excited while playing them.


i think people that don’t like the gameplay is too used to post 98 kofs… if u notice kofxii doesn’t have any super cancels or multi dm stocks… now if u think back this is how it was until 96 or 98 if u only played extra mode so snk said kofxii is a kof re-birth… and that’s exactly what it is… with a bunch of extra awesomeness like CC, deadlock and a lot more of an advanced battle & combo system than kof94…

personally i never really liked how every year kof games kept getting more and more complicated… that’s why my favorite version to this date is kof97 in advanced mode… and even though i played kof01 a lot i just used Clark and Goro and never really bothered to use strikers overpowered 80% SDMs felt good …lol so i think kofxii is going to end up being my second favorite kof… cause of the simple yet exciting and deep gameplay and of course the gorgeous visuals…


I actually live in NY, don mills/finch


haha yea…clark and goro has always been the characters that i would choose in various KOF games (even though it might not be my main)…and goro is definitely gonna be my main in XII…but i dont know about clark tho…his crouching C,jumping D, jumping CD are good for zoning and aerial battles etc, but I cant seem to figure how to really play him “correctly”…any ideas?

  • throw out a lot of 5A to catch hops… this also sets up ch 2C or CC get used to doing jump 9~4A+C on reaction if u connect…

  • fish for counter hit 2C… a usefull way to do this is cancel it with 6B+D so if u whiff u don’t do the step but if u connect then u r in their face ready to combo with w/e… i prefer 5D, 3A xx SAB…

  • 5C now only does 1 hit… and u can’t combo 5C, 3A > SAB or jump C, 5C > SAB… so get used to 5D…

  • he seems really rush down based… so get use to mixing up different block strings into 6B+D his step and his corner resets and [5C+D] hold into SAB or rapid punches…



thanks a lot, hopefully can play with you online soon haha


I don’t really have kof12 yet but I’m available for kof98/2k/2k2 on ggpo and 2df. My AIM is TchernevE if anyone wants some games.

They say I’m gdlk in kof.


i see…um i don’t have a controller for my computer so i never played any games on ggpo

do you go to SNK casuals in the area (mississauga or GTA)?


xbl gt: Renesis7

Hamilton area… looking for some lagfree matches.


anyone wanna come over this weekend? i’m hosting a small gathering 2-3 people at my place… saturday or sunday whenever is more convenient… anytime after 12pm… i live near bloor & ossington… if anyone wants to come over then post up and i’ll post up my address & number…


i went to the tournament in mississauga instead…for saturday…


how was the turnout? how many showed up? did they allow any casuals? any videos?


it was a 7 player tournament…could hv been 8 if u joined haha

i think the winner, loser and grand finals were recorded…but i am not sure as if they are going to upload it or not

just go to the infinite hype thread of the tournament results section to see the results and character usage


anyone wants to buy my copy of kof12 for ps3 for $30???