Welcome IMM's newest mod, Worthless!

Congrats to Worthless for joining the IMM team.

Obey him like you would obey me.

…you know, if you actually liked me.

In all seriousness, Worthless is a great guy who I trust to do a bang-up job as a mod here. To celebrate, I’ll host another ABC. Werf picks the theme.


congrats, worthless. :woot:

congratz :slight_smile:

Sup sup

hay i want mod powaz

Congratulations Worthless!


… now what’s this I hear about another ABC? What’s good?!

Thanks for all the kind words guys.

Everything should be cool as long as all you guys abide by the IMM rules,so there shouldn’t be problems.

As far as the next ABC theme how about dedicating this one to the greatest Street Fighter of them all,Dan Hibiki.

I’ll pitch a year of prem myself to 1st place animated to get the ball rolling.

I like you already



cracks knuckles

i hate you both

congrats Worthless! :slight_smile:

awesome nice promotion worthless! :china:

and we shall all remember this day as the beginning of the end of IMM

sup werf u a mod now


Remy sucks

we attack at dawn !!!1