Welcome new players. UPDATE: Links to Facebook/Twitter/GTASF chat room added


Hey Everyone,

It seems every few days I’m seeing new people pop up in SRK Canada. I’m sure it’s in direct relation to STHD’s release and SFIV’s impending release. I wanted to extend a welcome to all the new people that have been coming through the forums.

If you’re newer (2007 sign up or later) or you’ve been around a long time lurking and only now taking an active role in the forums, then please drop a line in this thread. This isn’t restricted to just Ontario, I’d love to hear from all the new players across Canada. Also, I know that the Canada forums get A LOT of non registered readers. I’d strongly encourage everyone to please take a few minutes and create an account. The community is about to grow with SFIV’s release and I’d like to see all the new faces register and get into the mix with the old heads.

Also, I’d like to encourage all the new players to please find their local thread and leave posts in there. Please tell people what games you’re playing, what you’d like to learn and if you’re open to casuals/tournaments. It’s generally preferred you leave specific game related questions to the strategy forums of the site (that’s why they’re there) but you might get questions answered by knowledgeable players if they have the time.

Please take the time to join The GTASF Facebook Group if you’re based in Ontario and/or The Canadian Competitive Fighting Gamers Facebook Group if you’re a Canadian player outside of Ontario.

If you’re on Twitter and want to get updates about new tournaments along with on the fly results from various tournaments please follow us at GTASF. If you don’t use Twitter, now would be a good time to sign up.

For people that aren’t aware, the GTASF also has a 24/7 chat room. It is called #gtasf on the Efnet Server within MIRC. If you’re not familiar with how that program works, you can access the chat room through a web based client called Mibbit. Simply head over to GTASF ON EFNET (please take a second to bookmark it). On the dropdown menu you’ll put in EFNET. You put in your username (no longer than 9 character) and put in “#gtasf” for the channel. After that you’ll be able to access the chat. It’s a great way to co-ordinate casual games online and many players will attest it’s a hilarious way to spend time as well.

Again welcome.

FULL TWITTER LIST (Updated 08/03/2010)

Twitter List


(SRK related name) = (Twitter name)

GTASF (Greater Toronto Area SF Scene) = GTASF
Golden Horseshoe Street Fighter = GHSFca
Toronto Fight Night Series (TFNS) = TorontoFNS
Mississauga = SaugaSF
Kitchener/Waterloo = WaterlooSF
Hamilton = RealHamiltonSF
Ottawa = WhySoGimmicks
Montreal = mtlsf
Winnipeg = ChipDamage

Nagata Lock II = JMoneyGambles
Noodleman = Noodlenoob
Nguman = Nguboy
DaDesiCanadian = Anutty314
rb_999 = Rb_999
Tik Tok = DorianDrizzle
Sacojericho = sacojericho
DM = CQuaz
DaflipmastaXV = tbauza17
Ksharpie = Kuhsharpie
NeoRussell = neorussell
1Prophecy = 1Prophecy
Fareed = FareedMagic
eklypze = ek1ypze
Drekken = Drekkonis
Hisham = Trigganometry
Rodstarr = Rodstarrr
FreezerB = Freezerburn
LedHendrix = LedHendrx
Bear Ryoma = KevinKvs
Varleran = Varleran
Mongoose = M0ng00se3
Chipter = Chipter
A1ard = BToku
LMX = Liquidmetalx
KhiemPossible = KhiemPossible
Cainne = Cainne69
Fobstar = TheFobstar
Mtrann = mtran66
Shifty Nevers = VividState
Wilson = WilsonSRK
ClutchLT = clutchLT
Traninho = Traninho
DarkDragon = DarkDrag0n
Davero = DaveroSRK
S-Blade = S_Blade
Jay Wang = JayWang
Gerjay = Gerjay
Unessential = Kirbycide
Dice01 = Dice01SRK
WB! = ThatguyWB
Btoku = Btoku
Bashlol = Bashlol
Superbeard = BigBiggs
Contra = Contra28
Sauvastika = Panacci

Smokey = mtlsfsmokey

Jim Kim = Jim_Kim
Ultra_nYo = ultra_nyo

Norman911 = NormanJr911

ZeroJay = zerojay

Justin Wong = JWonggg
Eduardo Perez = vVvScrub
COMBOFIEND = TheComboFiend
Sanford Kelly = SanfordKelly
Marn = MarnORZ
John Choi = JohnChoiBoy
Ricky Ortiz = HelloKittyRicky
Nestor = Koruchado
Mike Ross = ThatMikeRossGuy
Alex Valle = AlexValleSF4
Sabin = nycfurby
Gootecks = gootecks
Keits = KeitsSRK
Chris Hu = ChrisHuNYC

Evolution = EVO2K
Eventhubs = EventHubs_Feed
AlphaISMradio = AlhaISMRadio
Street Fighter IV Answers = SF4answers
Team Spooky = TeamSpooky
Frame Advantage = FADC
GodsGarden = gamanoabura_tmp (Japanese Twitter)
Yoshinori Ono (Lead Designer for SFIV) = Yoshi_OnoChin
MarkMan = MarkMan23 (Head Manager for Madcatz)
MadCatz = MadCatzInc
Level Up = LevelUpSeries
Arcade UFO = ArcadeUFO
Empire Arcadia = EmpireArcadia
Devastation = DevastationFeed
Go For Broke = GFBnews
Major League Gaming = MLGpro


For all young canadian players out there lurking, scared, nervous, I assure you we want you to show up to such events like POWNZ, and the Lovegetty tournaments, they are not only here for us, but they are here for you so you can enjoy facing strong opponents in the Canadian scene.

Canada Wants You.


Nice topic. I don’t really post much here, but I do read a lot and was a lurker for quite a while before I signed up. I guess all there is to say is that I am located in Sauga (Mavis/Eglinton), and I guess I can say I am an alright SF player. Not great, but I am getting better. I’ve played Brett the most out of all of the GTASF people, but I have played Jed, Dogberry, and Yasanagi. I was also at one G3 event, and was planning on going to the most recent one but it got snowed out (still made it to Bretts house that day tho), and I couldn’t make it on the day the rescheduled. I’ve also played a couple of you online I think…

I’ve been to Lovegetty a couple of times as well. First time I went there was probably the first day of SF4, with the 5 button cab. Got to play once with Bison before getting my ass handed to me. I have been down there a few more times since, never holding a winstreak over 2 though lol. Biggest problem in me getting to tournies is transportation because I don’t have my own car. Ususally have to bum rides/bus it if I wanna make it anywhere. University also swamps the hell out of me…

MSN is raging_demon_akuma@hotmail.com
PSN handle is Trigga-Nometry (long story, don’t ask)
And I play on GGPO and 2DF under Hisham (although it has been less as of late, because of HD remix).


Nagata is my hero. That is all.



MTL representin’.

Catch me on GGPO, you’ll see me everytime you log in, only in the ST room since its the only game i play. Got my own HDR Rog thread in the HD sub-forum.

<------ PSN name over there.



Greetings! I’m also located in Mississauga. Most know my story, military child/third culture kid turned vet raised in Italy who relocated to live with my wife. I was invited to SRK around 2006-2007 by a friend, Dutch player Shiva (Taskmaster on SRK) but put it to the side until 2008, since Air Force life didn’t allow for too much free time to play or hone my skills.

My wife and I travel out to Lovegetty about every other weekend to practice, and we’ve both have shown up at the last Lovegetty tournament as well as the last G3 event held at the Psychocave. We will be attending many more, time willing. I’m hoping to sharpen my skills in ST/HDRemix, Alpha 3, and CvS 1/2. Hope to catch up with you all eventually once I get GGPO working the way it should. Until then, we’ve appreciate the welcoming reception and hope to eventually make for better opponents.


Hi guys, I’m new here!

Welcome to me!


^^ It’s a trap, don’t do it!!

However, I am new here also, and I demand greetings and welcomes.


Added you to my MSN, Justin.


I’ve always been somewhat of a lurker for the past 6-7 years or so…
But now that STHD was released, and the nostalgic effect kicks in.
Plus, the upcoming SFIV being released in a couple of weeks…
I’d like to check out our great community and play with you guys whenever I have the chance.


Sup, you guys can add me on msn: bananaweed@hotmail.com and we can have awkward conversations about street fighter-related stuff.

I’m up for HDR games (PSN = BananaWeed) and SF4 games when it comes out.


Welcom to SRK. Now get the fuck out.



Teach me about ES EFFF FOOO!


Justin, do you know how we can begin a petition to have the Via/YRT bus line run 24/7? I guarantee this is the reason so many Toronto players don’t go to Getty.

I mean fuck, I come from KINGSTON, and the fact that the Via bus to Richmond hill center stops @ 12 is the biggest problem I run into with the commute!!! :looney:


Hey I’m new here and I thought I was the only person that loved SF in Canada, why do all the tournaments/communities have to be in the US.

Anyway I’m in Toronto so I’d love to make friends with someone near me as that loves SF as much as I do. Especially someone better than me who can help me. I play alot and constantly improving and a confession, I’ve never played on an arcade cabinet before. I’m here. I’ve just got into SF with HD Remix.

I’m buying SF4 and TE stick cuz currently I play with the controller.

Add me on PSN: NYclown


North York… I used to live there as a child I hope you can make it to tournaments.


Was a lurker for a few years until I joined.

Situated in Toronto, Ontario.

PSN: C-2ndPlayer

I play a bunch of games. Some for casual, some randomly and some for real. Almost every common fighting games I “know” how to play, except SNK games. Didn’t really get into fighting games until last year when I finally decided to up my game.

Might as well list some off the top of my head: ST, STHD, SF3 3s and 2I, Marvel (very weakly), GG, HnK, F/UC, SBX, AH


I didn’t really take part in anything except random threads here, but now after going to POWNZ, I feel a bit closer to the community. I commute between London and Guelph on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and I like to play pretty much anything.

I consider myself to be average at best, understanding how fighting games work and what not. But I’m always up for a good challenge and I’m never afraid to lose.

You can also find me on 2DF with the handle name -Hibikster-


Iron Sheik, I have yet to see you yet and I’m on 2df a lot. I’m Dio on 2df


I used to frequent it a lot, but now I’ve gotten busy with a few things. This month should be a quiet month though so you’ll see me more often online now.

I play lots of Capcom/SNK games so we should be good. I should be free all day today (Sunday) and I’ll keep my 2DF handy.