Welcome to Astro City!

I doubt there is another thread on this, I did a search (Which sucks) and nothing came up, such an inspiring comic series needs it’s own thread.

For those not in the know Astro City is a comic series created by Kurt Busiek. Brent Anderson did most interior art, and Alex Ross did covers and some story art. Astro City is a comic that takes a more serious and dark spin on the typical superhero archtypes. Many familiar type of character exist in this world, but the tone is way different. I always compare it to Sin City for some reason, it has a familiar type of edge to it.

Every story arc is different and usually focuses on a certain hero (Or villain). What is interesting is they are filled with other unique characters that you absolutely want to know more about. Once I saw the statue and heard the tragic stuff about the Silver Agent I was psyched, and finally a series on him came out, you bet I ate that shit up.

Anyways discuss anything Astro City based here, my current favorite arcs are Astro City: Tarnished Angel and the Dark Ages.

Astro City is straight goodness. I’ve read most of the original 22 issue run, but I haven’t read any of the miniseries or the current Dark Ages storyline. My favorite stories are Confession and The Tarnished Angel. Those are the only two Astro City books I actually own and, as such, are the only ones I have read multiple times. One of my buddies had the entire run and I read his copies a couple of years ago, so my memory is fuzzy. I remember really liking that one single-issue story about the comic book artist who moved to Astro City.

I think Astro City might be Busiek’s best work (Secret Identity notwithstanding). Maybe because it’s his and he cares more about it, but I think it’s just way better written than a lot of his other stuff, especially his run on Avengers that lots of people seem to love. Most, if not all, of Busiek’s creator-owned work is really something. Arrowsmith and Shock Rockets were two others that stood out, but unfortunately he hasn’t gotten around to writing any more of those series.

Marvels was good, and you can kind of see the genesis of Astro City in that story. I guess nowadays the whole notion of telling a superhero story from the point of view of a normal person is kind of a gimmick, but Astro City is probably one of the best to play with that convention. Busiek, Anderson, and Ross did a great job creating their world.

Confession was the first Astro City I ever read (picked it up at the library, on a whim, many years ago) and I still really like it… It’s got some Skrully qualities to it, though, now that I think about it. And, boy, The Tarnished Angel is a great story. I love all that noirish stuff. I think I can see why Astro City reminds you of Sin City. They are both creator-owned works where you can feel the passion as you read, and The Tarnished Angel is basically like “What If a Sin City Protagonist Were Unleashed in the Silver Age of Superheroes?” Gotta love it, baby!

You piqued my interest, I shall see what I can get my filthy hands on of this.

Sweetness Zephy, I have yet to read Confession but I dug up some information on it, I’ll have to get it with my next paycheck. Aku pick up the initial trade I think simply named “Astro City” and move on to what you like from there.

Tarnished Angel was an amazing piece, it had a great impact on me and I take what I can from it. The whole Black Mask Killer, him trying to reform and being forced into uncovering the killer, and the twist ending just made it a wonderful piece. I suggest to everyone after the initial Astro city book to immediately pick up Tarnished Angel. It was one of the first serious and dark pieces in comics I read.

Family Values (I believe is the title) Is a nice collection as well, with a story on Crackerjack (Think Booster Gold level arrogance) and a great piece on Jack-In-The-Box (II I believe).

So far the most intriguing character that I want to see fleshed out is The Hanged Man, he reminds me a lot of the Phantom Stranger in power and mystery quality.