Welcome to Die! Tournament in London


Hi guys,

Just wanna get this out there for exposure’s sake. I’ll be running a tournament series for Marvel vs Capcom 3 called Welcome to Die at the Heart of Gaming in London. First tournament is on May 4th at 5PM. It will cost £5 to enter HOG and another £3 to enter the tournament so you won’t spend any more than you usually do on a sunday!

The tournament format will be groups into double elim with a guaranteed £50 to first place! Since a lot of us have work the next day, running the tournament on time is the biggest priority and lateness will not be tolerated! It will be streamed at twitch.tv/thewonderpark just like all other HOG streams.

Share this, tell your friends and drag them along! We have a great community in London and hopefully this will bring enough incentive to re-energize it!

Where can i find online tourneys?