Welcome.. to my Realm! The Dormammu online players thread!



Thought it would be good to have this so when the game drops, we can feed off eachother’s play styles and such.

SRK Name: Weaponer7
System:Xbox 360
Gamertag: Weaponer7
Teammates/Assists: Don’t know yet.
Time’s your available to play:Weekends any time, weekdays after 4pm EST.

Hope to see you guys online on the 15th!!


I play Dormammu.



System: Xbox+PSN
GT: SUPARSTARX (on both)
Times: weekends!


SRK Name: Andarel
System: X360
GT: AndarelR
Times: ???


My info is with my name. I’ll be playing this on the 360, not the PS3. Times will generally be evenings (after 9pm PST) and weekends.

See you all in the dark realm!


SRK Name: Rollie
System:Xbox 360
Gamertag: Rollie the Guar

I’ll mostly be on evenings and nights once the 15th rolls around.


SRK Name: Karsticles
System: PS3
PSN ID: Karsticles
Time’s your available to play:Weekends any time, weekdays after 5pm EST.


SRK Name: Flintlock
System: 360
XBox Tag: Tapoh

I will be on mostly Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and Weekends.


SRK Name: branh0913
System: PSN
Gamertag: branh0913
Teammates/Assists: Trish/Dante
Time’s your available to play: Sometimes I sign on during Wednesdays during the week, usually after 7 PM EST. However I’m available most of the weekend


SRK Name: ZennLa3
System: PS3
Gamertag: ZennLa3 & TyRanT-22
Teammates/Assists: Don’t know yet.
Time’s your available to play: No life, anytime.


SRK Name: Viciou$
Gamertag: Akushitsu
Teammates/Assists: Trish/Dante
Time’s your available to play: After 4pm CST


T37 Rampage
Time: Most nights and weekends.


Leonil, the Dormammu player, posting shout outs to 2M 3H x3 into air combos. Dormammu is gdlk and I’ll do you guys proud at evo. Good shit capcom, for adding a character or two I actually wanna play! if only his colors weren’t red reder and rederer. xP


First post here, and looking for help in learning this game.
System: PS3
PSN: CurseOfSpin
Times: Sun-Thurs: 12pm-5pm cst Fri-Sat: all day

So yeah, new guy but I decided to jump in on this game since most of my friends are getting it. Appreciate any help that can be provided.


SRK Name: Jarekov
System:Xbox 360
Gamertag: Dreadnaught1349
Teammates/Assists: Trying out Task Master, Sentinel, Thor, Super Skrull, and Wesker
Time’s your available to play:Weekends any time, weekdays after 7pm CST.

Playing on pad right now ( fucking brutal ) but am still down for matches and looking to seeing what you guys are doing with my favorite cosmic powerhouse.


SRK Name : LBC
System: 360
XBL : LiquorBottleYun
Teammates : Sentinel (drones) dr. doom (Plasma beam)
Times Im available : Everyday after 3pm PST

Hit me up for games or practice :smile:


SRK Name: metaXzero
Gamertag: mateXzero
Teammates/Assists: A1 Tron (Gustaff Flame) A2 Doom (Molecular shield)
Time’s your available to play:Anytime after 7 usually


SRK Name : sweet poison
System: 360 & PS3
XBL : sweet poison
PSN ID: welcome2troyland
Teammates : Trish, Phoenix and/or Magneto
Times Im available : weekends



SRK Name : wikum
PSN ID: wikum
Teammates : haven’t decided…but most likely phoenix and sentinel
Times Im available : whenever, just add me


SRK Name: Wordplay
System: Xbox 360
Gamertag: Wordp1ay
Teammates/Assists: Zero/akuma or Haggar
Time’s your available to play: Any time after 9pm Pacific time.