Welcome to the FGC or NO?

Recent reality show/stream events have showcased some heated opinions as to how the FGC should conduct itself best.

I sincerely very much care about this community and it’s people. Outside of my professional and family life, this is where I like to spend my time. I have many hobbies and interest but the FGC has been ( and ALWAYS will be) a passion and a favorite endeavor in my life.


Do we make the FGC open to everyone ( friendly and PC ) or should we make an effort to ( basically ) perpetuate the arcade environment of old whereby you first establish yourself as a regular ( and pay your dues ) before gaining any sort of acceptance?

Hmmm? I’m from the old school of anytime your the new guy you don’t speak until spoken to. Show respect, attentiveness, and you better work hard if you want anyone “here” to trust you. ( This is our house and we may just kick you the fuck out if we don’t like you. )

That attitude has served me well.

The Fighting Game Community is going through “growing pains.” We want to expand the scene but struggle just a bit with maintaining it’s traditions and representing it’s people.

( I say traditions because the arcade was/is an actual enviroment that has since morphed into these little/big competitive gatherings all over the planet. With these meetings there are certain social protocols so yeah I say traditions )

Ahhhh it’s people. Team Tekken’s Captain on the recent stream of controversy was not and is not a trained public speaker or actor. While that is NO EXCUSE for his fucked up behavior it does offer an explanation.

If you walk up to ANY random person on the street and start asking questions about anything who knows what they are going to do or say? Some people may be eloquent and well groomed ( like a couple of FGC reps who run their own regular show and it’s offshoots and products) or some may be socially inept animals.

My point being is that while it’s a challenge to polish a turd ( Mythbusters did it ) most people will just keep their turds to themselves behind closed doors. We on the other hand are now oftentimes showcasing our turds and giving people an opportunity to get into our “shit.”

Well… there is the reason that “Reality TV” sells. Does it create true growth though? Will “The Jersey Shore” be able to sustain itself indefinitely? Will we be watching those folks when they are in ther 70’s completely enthralled by their sexy senior antics? Possibly, I guess. It is more likely though that the show’s formula morphs and changes into something that proves to be continually marketable.

So what about us. What about the FGC?

Well the worldwide restaurant chain McDonalds is very welcoming. They are huge. Their business model allows for growth and sustenance. They profit.

The Nazi political party while motivated did not fare so well. They are the opposite of an open business model. Their very nature keeps them under a constant unyielding stream of hate from the rest of us on this world.

I personally would like to see the FGC follow an “Open, and Welcoming business plan.” No matter how ridiculously PC. ( Sometimes we all have to do things at work that are not the most fun but it does pay the bills. ) The idea of creating more jobs and income out of the FGC is something that I can very much support.

Bullshitting and shit talking in general will always have it’s place among friends just as it should.

But when it’s time to go to work and make that money?..

We apply strategy to kick ass in game and I think we should do the same in our Fighting Game Community’s presentation. Win/win.

What do you think?

We can bullshit and shit talk, just be more observant and aware about the person you’re saying it to. If you’re joking with someone, are you aiming to make them laugh or cry?

Honestly I think we are very welcoming to new comers. You can go into a stream chat and see a bunch of goons who go crazy at the sight of a lady, or people who just say hateful things but in my few years of being part of the FGC I haven’t met anyone who was actually like that IRL.

I’d say, keep the shit talk and stuff for the rivalries, feuds, featured match ups. I wouldn’t want to see Noel shaking hands with Dios X when he wins, I want to see him pop off. But outside of trash talk involving the matches, it should be kept to a minimum to welcome new people in.

I think a good rule is, dont get personal unless you personally are good friends with someone.
If I say to my good friend, “die you bitch”, whilst fighting him, its probably ok.
If I say it whilst he is talking to me about something serious, its not ok.
If I say it to a stranger, its not ok.
If I say it to a stranger who happens to be female, thats even more not ok.

Some people arent socially aware enough to know when something is appropriate or not.


It’s all a matter of knowing when and where the right time and place to act certain ways are.

I think your post is too long for me to fully read.

You’re generalizing the entire community. If you want to be quiet and just play then find a bunch of quiet people who just play. If you want to talk trash and play then find a group of people who just talk trash and play.

That’s what makes the FGC community so great. People can create subsets of the FGC set where each subset better addresses the needs of the individuals in each subset.

The thing that’s annoying is when members of one subset attempt to destroy via absorption another subset.

Like i said, if my friends and I want to be assholes to each other in our gaming meet ups, thats fine.

But if we’re in public amongst other people, then some behaviours become inappropriate. Doubly so when we’re on public TV or an internet stream.

Heck, its not even about offending other people, its more about personal dignity. Some of the stuff I do or say amongst friends, I would be pretty embarassed if I did it at work or out on the street. I guess the phrase “Have you no shame?!” is relevant.

Sure, Im the last person to defend political correctness, and asking people to stop kidding around full stop is taking things too far. But theres a time and a place for everything.

I don’t mean to pass the buck but when fighting game events aren’t about the competition and more about the interactions between players (eg. a reality show) it is essentially putting the drama and dirty laundry of your scene on display. This is the bread and butter of reality shows. Think about it; if the game isn’t the focus, what is left?

As a side note, I remember hearing about almost identical type of harassment as seen on Cross Assault at a certain major tournament a couple years ago so I don’t mean to completely blame the reality show format.

You can’t control how the players act, you can only control what is broadcasted and what isn’t. Tournament directors are already at work figuring out ways to control the dialogue and content of their events. We don’t need some kind of charter though for everyone to abide by. Big tournaments will be more sterile, but no reason for smaller events to not do whatever they want. I know sure as fuck if I were at some small ass 3s event (redundant these days) I’ll be in no rush to stifle Rock’s commentary for the sake of the image of the FGC.

reality shows are corny, and lame

I’ll have to tell Jwangggg to stop calling Elena his ‘pretty princess’ because it’s misogyny.

He will be disappointed.